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Christian Louboutin Beauté Hawaii Kawai I Nail Coffret Trio for Spring 2016

January 26, 2016

For spring this year Christian Louboutin designed a gorgeous tropical floral print for shoes, handbags and accessories in a collection called Hawaii Kawai. For beauty lovers, Christian Louboutin Beauté has launched two limited-edition Hawaii Kawaii Nail Color Coffrets ($90 each) to complement the accessories in Set 1 and Set 2. Each version comes packaged in a beautiful keepsake box decorated with the same colorful prints featured in shoes and handbags. The colors in these sets are existing shades but in miniature sizes which are 0.2 fl oz/6 ml each compared to the full size bottles that contain 0.4 fl oz/13 ml of product. Today I am thrilled to be able to share the Hawaii Kawai I with you today. The Louboutin team also sent some beautiful accessories from the collection for me to play with, specifically for this feature. The patterns and prints are to die for. The pumps featured are the Pigalle Follies (120 mm), purse featured is the Triloubi Small Chain Bag.

The Hawaii Kawai Set 1 is packaged in a box a white colored background (Set 2 has a black background). The colors in this one are:
  • Very Prive – a deep jelly wine color, it applies red with the first coat but deepens to a darker shade with the second coat, in direct sunlight it looks brighter than in natural light where it appears more deep
  • Batignolles – described as a cross between a sky and turquoise blue, inspired by the timeless beauty of Paris, this is such a fun aqua cream, two coats gives you full coverage
  • Miss Loubi – one of my favorite colors, it’s a bright coral pink, I already own this in the full size, it’s one of the most cheerful corals I own

First a little reveal/box opening. The presentation is so fun – opening the box was half the fun!

A red felt cover is nestled inside:

When you open the box, the setup looks like a doll house for fancy nail polish. The red bits of ribbon help you pull out the polish – they are securely cushioned in the box so they don’t move around while in transit:

The proportions of the bottle and brush are similar in the mini versus full size. Sometimes with mini polishes, brushes can be uber tiny and hard to use but I didn’t have any issues with these. The brush is slightly smaller in size but noticeably shorter:

Some close ups and swatches of each color in the Hawaii Kawai I Set. Up first is Very Prive which is like a blood red color. The first coat applies like a true red. Once you add a second coat and it dries it turns into a deep wine color. The texture is smooth and applies evenly. Coverage is pretty full but with the first coat it feels like it has a jelly finish because it’s just the slightest bit transparent.

Next is Miss Loubi. I’m obsessed with peachy coral creams. This one sometimes looks more pink on my skin, other times it looks more coral or peach. Either way it’s something that brightens the mood. I love it for fingers or toes, year round.

Below shown with two coats. The Louboutin polishes have a naturally glossy finish, but I still top with a top coat. Below I used Chanel Le Top Coat over Miss Loubi.

Last but not least, Batignolles – one of the best aqua colors I’ve tried. I also own this in the full size (so yes, I do already own 2 of the 3 in this set). This is a full coverage opaque cream color (no shimmer). Long time readers know I’m kinda anti-green when it comes to nail polishes, this one has enough blue in it so it doesn’t look yellowish.

A quick look at the back of the box:

The items in the Louboutin Beauté line are the epitome of luxury when it comes to cosmetics – they come with an expensive price tag but after testing a number of their polishes I really believe the quality, packaging and design make them phenomenal in terms of performance. On me the polishes last remarkably well without chipping or tip wear. I can get up to 7 days of wear and by day 7 the polish still looks perfect. The colors apply smoothly and most of the shades I’ve tested have extremely good pigment and coverage. (Some of the nudes require three coats to get the coverage I want, but coverage is still very smooth and every nude in the line is absolutely quite perfect.) The packaging is truly a work of art. 

If you’ve been eyeing the Louboutin Nail Polishes but were hesitant to spend $50 on a single bottle, I think the nail trios offer a nice way to try three shades for $90 instead of spending $150 (even though they are minis). I think the minis are adorable and there seems to be enough to get a decent number of manis or pedis out of them. At $90 a set, these make for a very luxurious splurge, but this breaks down to $30 each polish for the minis which I think is easier to justify for a luxury product compared to the $50 price (although I have splurged on quite a few by now).

The Louboutin Hawaii Kawai Collection I and II are both limited-edition ($90 each). You can find them online for a limited time while supplies last at Christian Louboutin, Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bergdorf Goodman.
Will you be checking these out? Do you have any Louboutin Beauté favorites? I’m still waiting to see the lipsticks in person but am dying for a few good nudes because the formula is so good!
The nail trio was provided courtesy of Christian Louboutin for review. Accessories kindly loaned to style photographs for this post.

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