Clarisonic Mia 3/Aria + Alpha Fit (Plus Sale Alert)

September 15, 2015

I thought it was time to do a Clarisonic update on my Aria (now called Mia 3) plus a review on the Alpha Fit device for men since all devices are on sale for two days online at Clarisonic.com. They are having a special offer where you can save 20% on all devices and get free shipping from 9/15 – 9/16/15, while supplies last, by using code FLASH20 at checkout. These tools are on the expensive side so it’s best to buy one when there’s a sale or if your store has some special points promotion.

I bought my Clarisonic Aria which is now called the Mia 3 over a year ago (original reviews here and here). There are a number of different Clarisonic devices, I picked the Aria because it came with a stand, came with three different speeds and was the sleekest looking option at the time. I still am really happy with my purchase over a year later although I’m not as disciplined in using it every other day as I used to be. These days I use it 1-2x per week. I’ve tried it with a number of different cleansers and like how versatile it is – it works with gel, cream and liquid face cleansers. My favorites include the Kate Somerville Daily Detox Cleanser, First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser and SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser. Using the device does improve the texture, clarity and feel of the skin. It’s somewhere in between using a scrub or washcloth to exfoliate your face. No matter how gentle face scrubs are, they are usually too harsh for me. Washcloths work ok but I change them out every use to avoid bacteria growth from dirty towels – so the frequent changing and washing is a lot more extra work.

As a quick refresher from one of my previous updates, I tried four different brush heads: Normal, Sensitive, Delicate and Cashmere. When I bought my device, Clarisonic didn’t have a dedicated device designed for men (they simply had different colors). My husband wanted to try it but his skin is a lot tougher – we ordered the Normal Brush for his skin which he liked. We alternated use by switching out brush heads. My personal favorite is the Cashmere Cleanse brush head. It’s ultra soft and cleans the skin nicely with a gentle massaging motion. My husband says he has no idea how that does anything at all for my skin because it’s so soft he doesn’t see how it exfoliates at all. I’ve heard the same from other women who have tried it. Most devices come with the Sensitive Brush which is gentle enough for the skin but strong so you can feel it working. I think it’s a good starting point to see if you need something softer or more dense. It’s not a bad one – I can still use it and it doesn’t feel harsh, I simply prefer the Cashmere version.
Last month Clarisonic finally released a device for men called the Alpha Fit Men’s Cleansing Device. It is on the pricey side at $189 (I ordered mine when Sephora had their bonus point event) but it is a really good device. I haven’t tested it on myself since I bought it for my husband. It comes with a completely different design. It stands up on its own, comes with a cap so you can throw it in your gym bag or travel with it, and it has a shorter handle. He’s been using it daily for a solid month now. 

The Alpha Fit is designed for men’s skin which is thicker and more oily compared to women’s. It comes with a different brush called Alpha Fit made specifically for men. In the month Andrew has been using it he’s noticed a significant improvement in his skin. It cleans out his pores and he’s found it essential in preparing his skin for shaving. It helps exfoliate and smooth the skin. In addition the motion of the sonic cleansing device helps move the facial and neck hairs by pulling them out slightly which makes for a better easier shave. It also makes his facial hair feel softer as well. I highly recommend watching the demonstration video (it’s near the bottom of the product page) – it’s what sold me on the device in seeing how versatile it is and how it’s really designed specifically for men. My husband says he’s 100% happy with it. The design of the Alpha Fit is more masculine and has a sleek look to it (he says he hates the bulky look of the other devices made for women). He likes that it stands up on its own so he can put it on the counter or have it in the shower. It fits easily into his hand and the way it’s designed makes it easy to use.
On cleansers, he used up the Alpha Cleanse Men’s Facial Cleanser that came with the device. I asked if he wanted me to buy a replacement – for now he said he’s set on staying with his usual go-to cleanser which is the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash.

Overall, I think the Clarisonic Aria has been a game changer for me. It does take time to see results but over time it improves the texture and clarity of the skin. Does it really get a better clean compared to hands or a washcloth? I think absolutely yes. I didn’t experience any purging when I started to use it. If you look at online reviews you might see some others experienced break outs – I suspect it might have been a reaction to the Clarisonic cleansers rather than the device itself. I have tested a few mini tubes of the cleansers but prefer other brands.

For my husband, the Clarisonic Alpha Fit has been a huge help in cleaning his pores and helping clean/prep the skin for shaving. For most of his life he has been an electric-shaver kind of guy because using regular razors has always resulted in razor burn or cuts. In the past month he’s been doing a lot more research and experimenting with shave creams, oils, blades and finally has managed to get a technique down where he has zero razor burn, cuts or ingrown hairs from using a traditional razor. The Clarisonic has been life changing for him in helping prepare the skin for a better shave.

I hope you found this review helpful if you’re in the market for a Clarisonic whether you’re looking to splurge on your first device, looking to upgrade an older one or if you’re shopping for something for the man in your life. I’ve seriously considered buying one for my brother and brother-in-law for Christmas (even though it’s months away). These are definitely splurges but I think worth every penny.
You can find Clarisonic at Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Ulta and Clarisonic.com. For two days only, September 15-16th, you can save 20% on all devices on Clarisonic.com with code FLASH20 at checkout.
Have you tried or do you own a Clarisonic? If yes, which one?

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