Clarisonic Aria Update and Further Testing with Sensitive, Cashmere, Delicate and Normal Brush Heads

September 18, 2014

I purchased my Clarisonic Aria back in June of this year. I had my initial review posted in in July followed by a 6-week update. Many of you have asked for additional reports so I have another update for you today. As of today I’ve been using the Clarisonic Aria for about 14 weeks and have tested a few additional brushes.

Shown below is the Clarisonic Aria with the Cashmere Cleanse Brush, Sensitive Brush, Delicate Brush and Normal Brush options

For those new to Clarisonic tools, there are several different options (comparison chart in this post). The main differences come to size, speed options and charging/storage options. I chose the Aria because it came with a stand and USB option for charging. It also has three speeds. Most of the Clarisonics come with the standard Sensitive Brush head as their default starting point. I found it effective but gentle enough for my sensitive skin, however when I started getting break outs I stopped using it for a few days because of increased sensitivity.

I stopped by my local Nordstrom and Sephora to see the different brush options on several different occasions. When I asked the associates for help, everyone was super friendly and helpful, but I received different advice each time. Picking out the right brush really depends on your skin type and sensitivity. I was first recommended that I try the Delicate Brush, two reps said the Cashmere Cleanse was too soft for them and while it felt nice it didn’t do anything for their skin.

I tested the Delicate Brush at home and found it to be slightly rougher on my face compared to the Sensitive Brush. I’ve researched reviews online and thoughts seem to be mixed. Some feel the Delicate Brush is softer (just like it was designed to be) while others feel it’s rougher (like I did). It’s about the same size and density as the Sensitive Brush, but for some reason it feels slightly harsh on my face.

On my next try, I decided to go for the Cashmere Brush Head. This one also had mixed reviews as well but many of you have e-mailed me asking to report back if I decided to try it. The Cashmere Brush head has longer bristles compared to all the other brushes. It also is the least dense. I found it very good for my sensitive skin, but my skin didn’t feel quite as clean compared to the times when I used the Sensitive Brush. If you use the Cashmere Brush Head, I absolutely think you do need to do the double cleanse where you remove your makeup first with a Cleansing Oil (full report on which ones I like best here), then follow with the Clarisonic + regular cleanser. It’s still a very good brush, I just found I needed to clean my skin a bit longer with a few more rounds with this one to have it feel truly clean.

I purchased the Normal Brush head for my husband and he’s found that this one is his preference, although he says he can’t tell the difference between the Delicate and Normal versions. To me, they both feel the same on my hand, but given the roughness I felt with the Delicate version I have not been willing to try the Normal one on my face.

Here’s a quick comparison set to show the differences in size and shape:

For the past several weeks I’ve been alternating between the Cashmere and Sensitive brushes. During break outs I stopped using the brush for a few days because it’s not recommended to use this on open wounds plus when I have break outs my skin becomes extra sensitive. The Cashmere brush is definitely the softest and most gentle on the skin. My face doesn’t feel quite as clean compared to when I use the Sensitive Brush, but the Cashmere option is still very effective especially when your skin has extra sensitive spots. In my initial testing I haven’t been able to use the Sensitive Brush everyday. I still can’t use it everyday because I find it to be too much with that much use. With the Cashmere option, I am able to use it daily, twice a day sometimes because it is so gentle.

To those who have been asking for an update, I hope you find this post helpful. Have you tried different Clarisonic brushes? Which ones are your favorites?

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