Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015 – Blossoming Top Coat and Gel-Shine Nail Lacquer in Lady & Glory

January 23, 2015

Dior’s Spring 2015 collection is called the Kingdom of Colors. There are three new nail polishes with the collection including two new Gel-Shine Long Wear Nail Lacquers ($27 each) in Lady 294 and Glory 660 and a Blossoming Top Coat ($28). Every time I swatch a Dior nail polish I am always impressed by the formula. They’ve done a phenomenal job at creating an exquisite flawless finish and sometimes I don’t know why I use anything else. The two spring colors are stunning with full opaque and smooth coverage. The Top Coat has a clear base with tiny chunks of glitter particles in different shapes and sizes. It’s a really fun item to wear layered over other colors, but it’s just not me. More thoughts on this below.

First up is Lady #294. When I saw this online I suspected it might be very similar to Tra-La-La or Incognito, but it’s really quite different. When I swatched this color on the nails my first thought was “where has this color been all my life?!” It’s a stunning full coverage baby pink that has a hint of mauve and cool-tones in it. Pictures don’t do it justice – on the nails it’s a powder pink but not too powdery or pale and it’s super flattering for a clean polished look. This is definitely going on my backup list.

Glory #660 is a vibrant pink red with a tinge of coral. This has more of a slight jelly finish but still gives complete and full coverage on the nails with two coats. I have lots of other colors similar to this one, but I still think it’s perfect. That being said if you have a lot of warm pink/corals you may want to shop your stash and skip this one.

The Eclosion Top Coat is a party in a bottle. It’s a soft mix of pastel greens, yellow and white glitter particles in different shapes and sizes. The base is clear and the density of the glitters is on the medium side. As with many glitters that are suspended in a clear base, application can require some extra work to get it on the nail evenly. I swatched it below on top of both of the spring shades with two coats. It looks like I’m wearing a sprinkles cupcake on my fingers which is fun, but too much for my conservative makeup wearing/loving self.

I’ll have swatch comparisons loaded later this weekend (I’ll update this post). I’m still trying to find out where a couple of the shades I want to compare are. In the meantime I recommend you check out Color Me Loud’s post and comparison swatches.

Both Lady and Glory are stunning polishes for spring and year round. I would say if you have a lot of brighter summery shades, you may find Glory dupe-able or too similar to what you own. As for Lady, it think it’s absolutely perfect. After testing the top coat for a few days and wearing it around, I tried to see if it would grow on me. It’s so fun and pretty in the bottle I keep trying to love it and see how I can pull it off. I can’t help but feel it’s too trendy for me.

I bought my Dior Polishes at Nordstrom. Also available at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Sephora, Bloomingdales and all Dior counters.

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