Dior Vernis in Blossom #132, Perle #187 and Pampille #192 | Spring 2014

January 11, 2014

Dior’s Trianon Collection brings us six new nail lacquers this spring. I picked out three of the six shades from my local Nordstrom. You may find yourself shopping around various stores for all the shades. Some are only available to select retailers. The regular nail colors retail for $24 each, the matte topcoat retails for $25. The six shades this spring include:

 photo Blossom_zps40696958.jpg photo perle_zps3b651df6.jpg photo Pampille_zps2340296c.jpg
 photo Porcelaine_zps3bab2a74.jpg photo Bouquet_zpsc9cc8520.jpg photo Bloom_zps9aae2303.jpg

I picked out the three options available at Nordstrom. I’m typically a huge fan of Dior’s nail lacquer formula. I’ve found the coverage and pigment to be smooth and rich. The three spring shades I picked are stunning in the bottles. On the nails I found them to be extremely sheer.
Blossom #132 is a lovely sparkly sheer peach with gold flecks in the bottle. On the nails even with three coats I found it to be extremely sheer and disappointing. There is something about the color of this peach that is not flattering with my olive skintone. Below is shown with three coats. It pains me to give this one a huge thumbs down.

Comparisons below to Chanel Peche Nacree (spring 2011), Dior Abricot #236 (Sephora), Dior Sweet Orange (discontinued) and Chanel Miami Peach (discontinued):

Perle #187 is an interesting matte top coat. I found it lovely by itself, with a glossy top coat, or used as a top coat over other shades. It’s a bit high maintenance but if you have extra time for top coats or like to layer colors, this one is quite lovely.

Below swatched alone with three coats:

Below Dior Perle is shown in a few different ways, thumb to pinkie:
Chanel May
Chanel May with Dior Perle on top
Dior Perle with Dior’s Gel Top Coat 
Tom Ford African Violet
Tom Ford African Violet with Dior Perle on top

Pampille #192 looked so lovely in the bottle. It has the most beautiful mix of shimmer infused with a cloud-blue base. On the nails this was extremely disappointing. I found this one to apply unevenly and blotchy. The color with three coats looks faded. It didn’t go well with my skintone. I suspect it would make a good top coat over similar blueish colors. I thought this review with one, two and three coats on Pointless Cafe to be very helpful. Below with three coats:

I ended up being disappointed with two of three colors I picked out. When I bought them at Nordstrom my counter didn’t have testers available. They looked lovely in the bottles and given my past experiences with Dior, I thought these would be true to what you see in the bottle. I ended up re-gifting Blossom and Pampille to a couple friends who love sheers and layering colors. At this time I haven’t checked out the other three options for Dior spring. My recommendation is to try before buying.
Did you check out anything from Dior spring? Thoughts? Loves?

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