Tom Ford Vapor Nail Lacquer

May 6, 2013

Tom Ford Vapor Nail Lacquer ($30 or .41 fl oz/12 ml) is a new limited-edition pearly white for summer. It’s a semi-sheer metallic shade that looks silvery against my olive skin. It has a lovely soft yet crisp clean look. Unfortunately, like many metallics, Vapor applies with visible brush strokes making it look streaky on the nails. It’s a shade that requires careful application – something I need practice with to achieve a smoother finish. Some more photos, close ups and swatches:

Swatched with one coat, the color applies smoothly but quite sheer with a transparent glow. Two and three coats give more coverage but increases the visibility of brush strokes. Here it is swatched with two and three coats, you can see the finish isn’t very even:

Tom Ford Vapor is nearly identical to Chanel Attraction. The Tom Ford is softer, less streaky, and less harsh looking, but the colors look very close on the nails. I’ve worn Attraction on several occasions, each time I end up taking it off within 1-2 days simply because I find it clashes with my skin. Vapor is much more flattering to darker skins because it has a transparent quality. Here is Tom Ford Vapor compared to other pearly whites:

For me, this is a miss mainly because of the visible brush strokes. I’m still determined to play with it until I can get a streak-free application. The color has a lovely softness to it. I prefer this shade to Chanel Attraction although the Tom Ford still appears to be somewhat high-maintenance.
Tom Ford Vapor is a limited-edition color and retails for $30. It is available at select stores (see the Fire Lust post below to see store locations) and online at Saks.com and NeimanMarcus.com.

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