Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy

May 31, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy ($20 on Rescuebeauty.com) was released a year ago as part of the GOMM Collection. It’s a rich luscious warm poppy infused with electric red sparkles. In my mind, Ji Baek does the best vibrant reds and corals with her Rescue Beauty Lounge line. Poppy is no exception. It’s a shade I’ve put on dozens of times over the past year, I can’t believe it too me this long to review.

Here it is swatched, the shimmers are visible on the nail, but very subtle:

I couldn’t find anything quite like it. Chanel corals proved to be different, Enthusiast and Coromandel are both darker while Holiday is more orange and electric. The closest I could find is Dior Diablotine (reviewed here) which has more visible sparkles and is slightly more pink due to the multi-glitters.

Quick comparison below to Diablotine and Delice by Dior:

Even our visiting friend Coco loved Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy, she wouldn’t leave my side while I was taking pictures (testing the Chanel top coat over it, read the review here).

If you’re in the market for a killer coral poppy red with some shimmer, RBL Poppy is definitely a must-have. It’s a classic shade that will never go out of style. You can find it now on Rescuebeauty.com.

Do you have Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy? What’s your favorite coral red by her line?

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