Chanel Azuré #657 Le Vernis

April 25, 2013

Chanel Azuré #657 Le Vernis ($27, new and limited-edition, Nordstrom.com) is this season’s prettiest metallic teal for nails. It’s one of three nail polishes from the summer collection called L’ÉTÉ PAPILLON DE CHANEL. Sorry for the brief interruption in the Armani features, but this one just couldn’t wait. Quick swatches to show the chameleon-like features of Azuré. Sometimes it’s more teal, other times it’s more of a deep blue. It applied quite smoothly for a metallic, I was afraid it would be streaky but was happy to find it applied quite well.

Quick set of closer comparisons. I don’t own anything like it and Dior’s Samba duo is similar but still different enough to justify owning both.

Chanel Azuré #657 Le Vernis retails for $27 is currently listed as limited-edition and available now in stores. It’s also online now at Nordstrom.com and Chanel.com and should be showing up at more retail locations very soon.

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