Burberry Gold Pearl No. 26 Eye Shadow

January 27, 2013

Burberry Beauty has released one new eye shadow for spring called Gold Pearl No. 26 ($29 for 2.5 g/0.088 oz, made in Italy). It’s a pale yellow gold that is different from any other Burberry shadow I’ve tried. Gold Pearl is a super-sheer gold. The base is a pale yellow but barely shows up on the skin. When applied, all you really see is gold shimmer. This color requires a moist base to prevent it from looking chalky. Applying this with a brush results in a soft dusting of gold micro-glitters. I’ve played with this color for about a week now – I don’t really like it but I don’t hate it. It’s a pretty gold shade for a dusting of shimmer and very different from Burberry shadows in general. I like variety of textures, pigments and finishes – it’s just not quite what I expected. At this point, I’m still undecided.

Here it is swatched several ways, it was really hard to photograph due to the sheer/sparkly nature. Do check out other blogs for other views – on the arm here it just looks all chalky and sparkly. Over a base and applied heavy the pale yellow base shows up more but it looks chalky.
Comparisons by request to a few others: Burberry Trench, Gold Trench, Pale Nude Quad (*second yellowy shade swatched only), Chanel Eclaire and MAC Gold Dusk Pigment (discontinued):
Have you tried Burberry’s Gold Pearl Eyeshadow? What did you think? Did it work for your skintone? Burberry’s spring line is now available at select Nordstrom counters and Nordstrom online. I ordered my items from Nordstrom San Francisco.

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