Burberry No. 03 Pale Nude Complete Eye Palette

December 8, 2012

Burberry Pale Nude No. 03 Complete Eye Palette ($59) is a beautiful palette of soft neutrals. The colors layer well to create a soft illuminated eye with a soft contour. For many pale-colored quads, I find the shades all end up looking the same on my skin. Not so for the Pale Nude and I was surprised to find that this one is probably my favorite in out of the Burberry quads that I have tried.

The shades in Pale Nude include a frosted cool white, a yellowish light cream with an iridescent sheen, a soft nude pink shimmer and a warm tan beige shimmer. All the colors in this palette have shimmer and frost. The color payoff is excellent like Pale Barley but not quite as metallic on the lids making this a great everyday staple. Texture is buttery smooth like the Burberry singles. I found the texture of this quad to be the best out of all the ones I tested.

Swatches on my Chanel B30 skin:

A few comparisons to other shades:

  • Pale Nude’s white is not as sharp as Porcelain White, but very similar
  • Pale Nude’s yellow cream looked similar to Porcelain in the compact, but it’s quite a bit more yellow
  • Pale Nude’s seashell pink is more neutral/warm than other Burberry pinks, I found it similar to Chanel’s Sillage single, just more neutral
  • Pale Nude’s brown shimmer is warmer and darker than Pale Barley

Overall a lovely staple and great palette for a soft nude eye. It does need a dark eyeliner for a complete eye look but other than that works great for me. The effect is subtle but glowy and softly defined. I really love it, but I can’t say it would be a must-have for everyone. I can definitely see that some would find it to be too neutral or pale depending on personal preference.

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