Tom Ford Burnt Topaz, Gold Haze & Silver Smoke Nail Lacquers

March 28, 2012

Tom Ford’s Spring 2012 Collection includes four new metallic nail polishes and I purchased three from Saks.com in Burnt Topaz, Gold Haze and Silver Smoke ($30 each). Tom Ford initially launched sixteen non-shimmer cream shades of nail polish when the complete beauty line was rolled out to select Neiman Marcus and Saks stores. I purchased two shades sight unseen online (African Violet and Pink Crush) and was less than impressed with the color and formula for the price. I did not feel compelled to review them. The formula was difficult to apply smoothly and I felt the colors were unoriginal. Upon professional application I did find the formula extremely long lasting without chips or peeling, but still the formula wasn’t so great. Several months later I was able to see the entire line in store at Neiman Marcus but the poor lighting conditions of the displays combined with the messy leaking lids on the testers prevented me from looking further.
When previews of the new spring collection surfaced, I saw nothing but raves. I thought perhaps the metallic shimmer formula is better to work with. Plus the colors looked really gorgeous. Unfortunately, I personally found the metallic formula just as difficult to work with as the non-shimmers. Application does improve with a good base coat (I tried it with Le Metier’s and Deborah Lippmann’s on several swatching occasions). However, I’m spoiled by the smooth flawless formulas of Dior, Chanel and OPI. I personally find that the Tom Ford doesn’t apply smoothly or evenly with ease. It does even out after two coats. Note this is my personal experience … others might not have experienced the same.
My personal issues with the formula aside, I do find the metallic colors striking. Just not well suited for spring. I know there are no rules when it comes to seasonal makeup … often times colors are timeless and can be worn year-round. I just feel that these are more inline with a fall mood rather than spring or summer.
The colors, swatches and comparisons. Left to right: Burnt Topaz, Gold Haze & Silver Smoke:

For those of you who haven’t seen these in person, the Tom Ford Nail Polishes come in a square bottle with tops that come off. Underneath is a twist-cap (which I find are prone to leaking, at least mine were):

The brush is a good length and size for precise application, if only the formula would glide onto the nail better. There are really good brush comparisons to other brands on Edelich.com – Tom Ford Nail Polish #08 African Violet.


Burnt Topaz is a coppery metallic warm brown. The shimmer is complex and beautiful. Streaking doesn’t show up too bad which is nice for a metallic.

Gold Haze is a pale gold metallic. It leans slightly warm on me. It’s not as yellow as Chanel Gold Fingers and has a softer finish/feel to it.

Silver Smoke appears to be a warm silver in the bottle but on my olive skin shows up as more of a cool-toned silver. It’s also highly metallic.

Comparisons below (you can click for larger viewing):

Overall I think the colors are lovely, but for the high price I expected better formulas. I’m not completely disappointed though. The colors are striking even if they are not my cup of tea for right now. I don’t have a lot of these shades from less expensive brands like OPI, Essie or Zoya, but I do suspect that these are very easy to dupe. The colors unfortunately don’t appear to be all that unique. Still, if you are lucky to be near or happen to visit a store with a Tom Ford counter I still think you should have a look. It’s definitely worth while to stop and play. I still think his lipsticks are the best part of his makeup line, with the blushes as a close second.
Have you tried Tom Ford Nail Lacquers? What were your thoughts?

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