Sunday Riley Crème Gloss Sheer Impact Lip Color in Beach Front

March 1, 2012

Sunday Riley Crème Gloss Sheer Impact Lip Color in Beach Front was one of the goodies in my Barneys Love Yourself Beauty Event gift bag last month (retails for $28 at Barneys). Having fallen in love with her blushes and eyeshadows I was very excited to try her glosses. The product is described as “A true innovation Lip Gloss! A super conditioning, non-tacky formula adds a high hloss sheen to lips, while stable Vitamin C boosts collagen and provides antioxidant protection. Paraben free.”

Beach Front is a shimmery nude-beige color that looks beautiful in the tube. It comes with a sponge tip applicator. Although this is called a “sheer impact” gloss I found this one had virtually no impact when it comes to color. Product Doctor had a similar experience with the same color. Yes it can be layered over other lipsticks for shine and depth but sheer glosses can be found elsewhere for much less which will achieve the same effect. The sheerness is even sheerer than Becca glosses (which I love but often find too sheer to justify repurchasing once used up). The only redeeming factors are the formula and scent. The scent is something I can’t put my finger on but it smells like a spa facial in a tube (in a good way). I think it makes an amazing lip treatment. I swiped it on several times during the weekend to help moisturize my lips. (My favorite lip treatment is still Jo Malone’s Vitamin E though.)

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I am very thankful Barneys included this in their gift bag. It was extremely generous of them to let their customers sample full-sized goodies which is definitely a step up from other retailers. I however wasn’t really impressed. I know I will use mine to the very last drop because I really like the formula but most likely will not repurchase or look into shades. I saw the colors briefly before the launch (they had prototypes at the counter during my last visit) and only a few caught my eye. After seeing how sheer these are I’m going to stick with my oldies but goodies from other brands.
Have you tried Sunday Riley yet?

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