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Sunday Riley Crème Gloss Sheer Impact Lip Color in Beach Front

March 1, 2012

Sunday Riley Crème Gloss Sheer Impact Lip Color in Beach Front was one of the goodies in my Barneys Love Yourself Beauty Event gift bag last month (retails for $28 at Barneys). Having fallen in love with her blushes and eyeshadows I was very excited to try her glosses. The product is described as “A true innovation Lip Gloss! A super conditioning, non-tacky formula adds a high hloss sheen to lips, while stable Vitamin C boosts collagen and provides antioxidant protection. Paraben free.”

Beach Front is a shimmery nude-beige color that looks beautiful in the tube. It comes with a sponge tip applicator. Although this is called a “sheer impact” gloss I found this one had virtually no impact when it comes to color. Product Doctor had a similar experience with the same color. Yes it can be layered over other lipsticks for shine and depth but sheer glosses can be found elsewhere for much less which will achieve the same effect. The sheerness is even sheerer than Becca glosses (which I love but often find too sheer to justify repurchasing once used up). The only redeeming factors are the formula and scent. The scent is something I can’t put my finger on but it smells like a spa facial in a tube (in a good way). I think it makes an amazing lip treatment. I swiped it on several times during the weekend to help moisturize my lips. (My favorite lip treatment is still Jo Malone’s Vitamin E though.)

Click to view ingredients:

I am very thankful Barneys included this in their gift bag. It was extremely generous of them to let their customers sample full-sized goodies which is definitely a step up from other retailers. I however wasn’t really impressed. I know I will use mine to the very last drop because I really like the formula but most likely will not repurchase or look into shades. I saw the colors briefly before the launch (they had prototypes at the counter during my last visit) and only a few caught my eye. After seeing how sheer these are I’m going to stick with my oldies but goodies from other brands.
Have you tried Sunday Riley yet?

Sunday Riley Blushing and Honest

January 31, 2012

Sunday Riley Blushes have me thoroughly impressed. While at Barneys I thought all the blushes looked amazing but limited myself to just two. (After all I caved on four of her eyeshadows, reviewed a few days ago here.) I purchased Blushing, a soft light natural glowing pink on the left, and Honest, a shimmering tawny peach on the right ($30 each for 0.1 oz/3 g). Both come packaged in a sturdy square mirrored compact in a little black pouch embossed with Sunday Riley’s name and logo on top.

I think I may have just found pink perfection in Blushing. The Non-Blonde and Product Doctor can confirm how wonderful this color is (and both lovely ladies have completely different skintones than I do). Soft natural pink blushes are a dime a dozen, but Sunday Riley’s Blushing is a cut above. It has a natural undertone and enough pink with a hint of shimmer to look like a perfect natural light blush. It doesn’t turn muddy or darken with brown tones on the skin. It doesn’t apply ashy or too pigmented. It really is as good as it gets. I wasn’t able to get comparison shots before the sun went down, here are a few lined up to compare. I thought it resembled Bobbi Brown’s Antigua the most, but on the face, BB’s can darken a bit and look muddy if you get the slightest bit oily. Sunday Riley’s Blushing holds up better without darkening.

Honest is equally stunning. It’s a shimmering peach with a hint of nude tones. In the compact it looks quite shimmery but on the face it applies beautifully and natural. Peach lovers, take note, I think it’s something you must try on in person if you’re near a Barneys. Both blushes are rich in pigment with a soft blendable texture. There is a slight powdery scent but it’s not very noticeable.

Side by side, Blushing and Honest, plus swatches below:

I couldn’t fit all the blushes and comparisons on one arm, so I only picked a few to swipe side by side. Do take into account that my swatches tend to look more shimmery due to the flash than these apply in real life. Swatching is hard work, please take these with a grain of salt and check other blogs for different views/angles/lighting:

Overall, I’m in love. These blushes are truly amazing in the sense that they apply beautifully and flawlessly on the skin without changing color as the skin warms up. No tweaking required at all with either of these. They have just enough color to be visible and brighten the face but they are also natural enough that they won’t overpower or overwhelm your look. Both shades can be easily worn year round for a number of looks and occasions. Although I’ve only tried a few shadows and blushes, I adore what I’ve bought. Many thanks to Gaia from The Non-Blonde for helping us all discover Sunday Riley’s cosmetic line. I have a few sample packets of her skincare which I can’t wait to try. My next trip to Barneys can’t come soon enough.

Sunday Riley Eye Shadow Comparisons

January 22, 2012
A few swatched comparisons to help give you a better idea of the colors from my recent Sunday Riley Eyeshadow haul.
First set, Fool’s Gold and Burnt Eggplant comparisons, left to right: Sunday Riley Fool’s Gold, Burberry Midnight Brown, NARS Mekong, Bobbi Brown Black Cocoa, Sunday Riley Burnt Eggplant, MAC Circa Plum Pigment, Edward Bess Mystery and Burberry Taupe Brown

Second set, Lady Godiva and Leprechaun comparisons, left to right (swatches below will demonstrate how what you see in the pan doesn’t really translate to what is swatched, Lady Godiva shows no mauvey signs in the pan but on the arm you can see how it pulls cooler): Sunday Riley Lady Godiva, Burberry Rosewood, MAC Coco Pigment, Sunday Riley Leprechaun, Lancome Erika F., MAC Greensmoke


Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Color: Lady Godiva, Fool’s Gold, Leprechaun & Burnt Eggplant

January 21, 2012

Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Colors are finely milled and richly pigmented eyeshadows. I fell in love with Leprechaun on The Non-Blonde and agree whole-heartedly with her review. While at Barneys I was particularly impressed by the color selection and I had similar challenges to Gaia narrowing down my initial picks. I of course was drawn to the more complex shimmer neutrals and picked out Lady Godiva, Fool’s Gold, Leprechaun and Burnt Eggplant ($26 each).
As I swatched each color at the counter, I found that many of the shimmery shades applied slightly different than what you see in the pan. This is due to the blend of many different shimmers and pigments. I wouldn’t call any of them duo-chrome, but the shimmers are quite complex.

Lady Godiva 104 is a sandy-beachy shimmer neutral with a hint of mauve. I found it almost identical to Sanders 100. In the pan they looked practically identical. On the skin I felt Lady Godiva was slightly cooler-toned. On the skin, I find that Lady Godiva darkens a bit to add a bit of a paler-mauvey-nude-champagne finish. It works as an all over lid shade, layering creates a contour color, or you can use it as a highlight. The texture is very soft (think along the lines of Urban Decay) and easy to blend, although I do believe you will need to experiment with different brushes. I used a Bobbi Brown Brush on one eye and a Laura Mercier on the other. Both created a bit of powdery debris in the pan and I had fallout when applying. Using my Edward Bess brush picked up the most color without having any fallout. Do note that once on the eye I feel these last all day.

Fool’s Gold 111 is a gorgeous deep blackened bronze with gold flecks. It rivals Burberry’s Midnight Brown. I did find that Fool’s Gold is best when applied with a damp brush. It blends/smokes out easily. Applied dry I ended up with tiny bits of gold glitter and brown shimmers all over the cheeks. At Barneys, the SA showed this layered over Casablanca (a shimmery steel blue grey) and the result was stunning. I didn’t pick up Casablanca because I found it too blue but I have to admit I was tempted. Fool’s Gold changes color depending on how the light hits the pan. Fallout issues aside when applied dry, I do think this applies much better than NARS Night Series eye colors. 

Leprechaun 116 is summed up in full by The Non-Blonde (see her review here). Leprechaun is a beautiful mixture of olive, green, gold, brown. The shimmer factor is high but not overly so. I find it a more office-appropriate version of Lancome’s Erika F. I had fall-out issues with this color as well, but it applies beautifully dry. You just need to clean up under the eye with a q-tip.

Burnt Eggplant 128 is one of those odd-ball shades. It appears more brown in the pan but applies more plum. This one is my favorite out of all the ones I picked out. The shimmer is finely milled and applies softly as a nice contour shade. The pigment is intense but layerable. It’s a good soft plum-brown without being too harsh.

Swatched, two views:

Ingredient listing:

Overall a thumbs up. Sunday Riley Eyeshadows can be found at Barneys New York. Try this link for online access, it might be hit or miss for going through (found this via a google search): Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eye Color.

Sunday Riley at Barneys New York Beverly Hills

January 20, 2012

It was the week before Christmas when I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket. I was browsing when I came across a new brand of eyeshadow, by Sunday Riley. I instantly searched for reviews and more information and The Non-Blonde perfectly timed her review of Blushing Blush by Sunday Riley. When she raves, I listen. I was instantly intrigued but couldn’t bring myself to buy the shadows or blushes sight unseen. (The gift card instead went to a Byredo purchase.) Thankfully I was able to satisfy my curiosity and check out Sunday Riley at Barneys in Beverly Hills. The counter is located where Koh Gen Do was formerly (KGD has been shifted over to another spot in the same bay). So far for color items they only have eyeshadows and blushes. I was able to sneak a photo of the shadow display. I was told Glosses and Lipsticks are expected to arrive in a month or so.

For those new to Sunday Riley (like myself), I highly recommend you read more about her on her website She is known for her skincare line. I am still learning more about her and as I find out more I will share what I find. Locations are on her website.

I picked 4 eyeshadows and 2 blushes. I will include swatches and descriptions in a more detailed post soon, but here is a sneak peek. Left to right: Lady Godiva, Fool’s Gold, Leprechaun and Burnt Eggplant.

First impressions are a thumbs up. Right now, I can’t always find the eyeshadows on Sometimes if I google the phrase “Sunday Riley Eyeshadow Barneys” I will find the link. Sometimes it will say no page exists. Perhaps they are updating their website as the line rolls out.

Have you tried her cosmetics line yet? I’m all ears! (Better photos to come soon, these were taken at sunset so there is a slight cast due to lighting issues.)