Dior Incognito, Plaza, Riviera & Lucky

March 5, 2012

Dior has been releasing some killer knock-out shades for nails recently. The latest release includes four nail polishes to coincide with the release of their new Addict Extreme lipstick formula. So far it appears the four polishes were released first to Macy’s in Incognito, Plaza, Riviera and Lucky ($23 each). I ordered mine from Sephora.com and I believe the other shades are trickling in slowly to other locations. At first glance these appear to be your basic and standard shades that are easy to replicate with less expensive brands like OPI and Essie. While true, I find the Dior formula continues to impress me with the rich color and shine and long lasting formula. Here is a quick sneak peek. A more detailed review to follow for each shade. So far I am impressed. Compared to other recent releases, Dior packs in more punch while Laura Mercier’s recent release is softer and more subdued. OPI’s Holland release was more diverse in color selection with the brights being super sharp and bright.

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