Chanel Tentation 541 Le Vernis

February 19, 2012

Chanel Tentation 541 Le Vernis is a striking deep fuschia-red shimmer. It’s the pinker sister to last holiday’s Rouge Carat 587 (reviewed here). I thought I would have something similar but I don’t. It has enough dark red shimmer to prevent it from looking too neon or cheap. I think it’s appropriate for year round. The texture is smooth and pigment rich with just 2 thin coats. If Chanel had made Attraction in the same finish I would have loved it as well. In the sunlight it glows. I love that the shimmer is visible on the nail, not just in the bottle.

In looking through my collection I found that I don’t have very many dark pink shimmers. This one is a nice addition to fill in the gap. Comparisons below to a few other Chanel shades like Rouge Carat, Pulsion and Rose Exhuberant.

Swatches of a few more, including Laura Mercier’s Luscious and Flamingo:

Overall: love.

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