Tom Ford Violet Blonde Eau de Parfum

December 8, 2011
Tom Ford Violet Blonde is my first experience with Tom Ford fragrances. It turned out to be an unexpected love. I was lucky to be gifted a bottle right before the official release, but to my dismay it was not love at first spritz. I have to admit (in all fairness) I made the mistake of not testing this on myself, but rather on a small piece of paper. Back into the violet box this went and it sat on our shelf for a month until my husband noticed it and asked, “ooh, is that for me?” He can never resist a new fragrance, especially when it comes in a beautifully packaged bottle. He has a knack for finding things that smell good – our house is forever filled with some kind of smell-good scent. (I have to hide my Jo Malone tea fragrances because he loves them so much he runs around our house to “freshen” it with Assam & Grapefruit.) Once again, he decided to use a fragrance to fill one of our rooms with scent. He spritzed Violet Blonde in our bathroom and as soon as I walked in, I fell in love.
Violet Blonde is a new addition to Tom Ford’s Signature Line and comes in three different sizes 1 oz ($65), 1.7 oz ($100 and 3.4 oz ($145). It’s a soft elegant floral with a hint of a powdery finish. In the past few months I’ve started to explore a few more Tom Ford mini vials and am amazed at how his fragrances transform once they dry down on the skin. Violet Blonde is no exception. When first spritzed, there is a fruity floral with a hint of green (what I think is the violet). It dries down to a softer floral and warms up with a slight powdery woody feel. I don’t typically like strong floral or green scents, but I’m enamored with Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde. It’s a departure from what I’m typically drawn to yet I adore it.
I’m sure by now many of you have already tested out Violet Blonde. I love the reviews by The Non-Blonde, Fruity Lashes, The Candy Perfume Boy and Temptalia. What more can I add? Not much. I’m still learning how to review fragrances. I highly recommend you read their reviews to get a better sense of how Violet Blonde behaves on the skin. Their descriptions and reviews are amazing. I agree with Gaia that while this is marketed as a perfume for women, men also seem to love it. My husband adores it. Bottom line: dreamy, feminine, elegant and classic.
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What are your favorite Tom Ford fragrances?

Tom Ford Violet Blonde was gifted courtesy of Neiman Marcus.
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