Recently Asked Questions

November 28, 2011

Answers to a few recently asked questions.

Chanel Rose Caché looks similar to OPI Tickle My France-y, do you know how close they are? They are very close on the nails. Chanel Rose Caché has more warmth and more pink while OPI Tickle My France-y has more grey tones. I don’t have a preference for either color, I think they are both lovely.

I can’t see full posts or photos in my Google Reader or subscription emails. Did you change your feed? Yes, I did. Like many other bloggers I have had my content stolen through my RSS feed to download into a number of spam blogs. Stolen content can be removed via Google forms and by sending out DMCA notices, but it is extremely time consuming and not always effective. Thanks to London Makeup Girl who wrote a helpful article to help prevent content being stolen through spam blogs. I have changed my feed to “short” to only include the first paragraph. I realize this may be an inconvenience for some of my readers, but it is heartbreaking to have my hard work stolen – especially when most of the photographs on this blog are my own (ie they are not stock/promo photos). At this time I do not generate any revenue from ads, affiliate links etc. and it bothers me when others try to benefit from my work to generate traffic/hits/revenue for themselves by stealing. I apologize for any inconvenience to readers who prefer the full feed but I will not be changing it back in the near future. Shortening my feed is one thing I can do to try and protect my content. I could change my format to restricted access but I feel that would be more of an inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.
If you were to only pick one, which would it be? Chanel Noir-Ivoire or Dior Couture Golds? If I didn’t have Endless Shine from last year then I would have just picked the Chanel. Both options are very different though – Chanel duos offer a simple polished refined look while Dior quints give more variety but are usually more shimmery and festive.
What’s the best new highlighter this holiday season? This year is the season of the uber-subtle glow. I would say tied between Edward Bess South of France and Giorgio Armani Madre Perla 1 for the new items this holiday season. Personally I prefer the more visible highlighters of past seasons a bit more but this season offers some lovely options.
There are so many new foundation options out there now. In your mind what is the best one? The right foundation for you will depend on your skintype. Mine is normal, sensitive, small pores. Right now, my top 2 favorites are Dolce & Gabbana’s Perfect Creamy Foundation and Powder Foundation (sorry Chanel, my long time favorites were discontinued, so I found a replacement). I cannot pick between the two. Both are fine on their own. The cream works just fine without any powder and the powder foundation works well by itself, but I prefer to layer them both. The finish is smooth with natural but full coverage.

What’s the best skincare out there? The right skincare will depend on a variety of things like skin-type, sensitivity issues, age among a number of other things. I’ve always felt less is more when it comes to skincare but as I age, my perceptions have changed. These days I use a mixture of Cle de Peau (gentle cleanser and eye cream), Koh Gen Do (masks, cleansing water, massage milk, gommage) Le Metier (peau vierge day cream and cleanser) and La Mer (toner). I would never tell anyone that this is the mixture of things to use – skincare is so personal, no two people are alike. What works for me most likely won’t work the same for you. Some people like gel cleansers, others like ones that foam up. My only advice is that finding the right skincare will take time: lots of research, trial and error, if samples are available then the testing will be easier.

What did you think of the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvets Collection? Will you be reviewing anything? I passed on all the Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks. I’m not a fan of matte or semi-matte lips. I think it can be hard for me to pull off since I have full lips.

How do the top two shades in Le Métier de Beauté Le Cirque compare to the taupey shades in Splendid Frost/Come One, Come All? I find the shades from Le Cirque to be very different from Splendid Frost/Come One, Come All. Here they are below.

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