Chanel Blazing Gold & Beige Lamé Soft Touch Eyeshadows

October 10, 2011

Chanel Blazing Gold & Beige Lamé Soft Touch Eyeshadows are the singles for the holiday collection. They are listed as limited edition. This will be a brief review. I played with these over the weekend and both have a stiff harder texture, almost like a matte base loaded with micro sparkles. Blazing Gold is a bright warm sunny gold with gold shimmers. Beige Lamé is a neutral tan beige loaded with multi-colored flecks of glitter. These seem to be best when applied over a very creamy emollient eyeshadow base and are best when patted and softly blended, rather than just blending like a normal lighter shadow. Patting on helps the color and shimmer show up better and helps it to adhere to the eyes. These aren’t quite as bad as the paler NARS Night Series shadows in terms of fall out or sheerness, but almost. I would say these are slightly better in texture and finish than MAC Honesty (which I did not think to compare earlier but will do so later). Initial testing proves that Beige Lame is definitely a must have because of the complexity of the sparkles although the texture requires a different application than I’m used to for most Chanel shadows (which are buttery soft, finely milled shimmer and easy to just brush on flawlessly). I could have lived without Blazing Gold. Swatches and comparisons below.

Sorry to be so brief but I’m short on time today. I will try to answer your questions later this evening. FYI Chanel holiday is now up on Chanel.com 🙂 Happy Shopping!

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