Les Jeans de Chanel for Fashion’s Night Out

September 9, 2011

The limited edition trio of nail polishes in the Les Jeans de Chanel Nail Color Collection launches today in celebration of Fashion’s Night Out. Each shade was designed by Peter Philips Creative Director of Chanel Makeup and retails for $29 each. The three shades in the collection are Blue Rebel, Coco Blue and Blue Boy. The collection is available at Nordstrom Seattle, Saks San Francisco, select Neiman Marcus locations (see list here) and select Chanel Boutiques (listed here) as well as online at Chanel.com.

Blue Rebel is a rich dark navy denim blue (cream, no shimmer). The texture seems to be a bit thinner than the traditional Chanel nail polish. It requires two thick coats for full coverage.

Per Chanel, “It recalls the inky dye used to create dark-wash jeans β€” an iconic fashion staple and an essential part of every modern woman’s wardrobe.”

Coco Blue is a soft powdery denim blue with white and blue shimmer particles, the shimmer is very subtle on the nails and barely noticeable from arm’s length. The formula for this one is similar to Riva. It needs three coats for full coverage or else it’s a bit streaky.

Per Chanel, “This muted blue tone can be worn with the same effortlessness as a favorite pair of softly faded jeans.”

Blue Boy reminds me of the traditional denim color. It’s a soft grayed blue cream without shimmer. The texture is also thin so I recommend two thicker coats but it applies very smoothly.

Per Chanel, “Dressed in Blue Boy, fingernails reflect the fashionable and quintessential cool of jeans and heels.”

Initial thoughts: I will be doing a comparisons post shortly but my first thoughts are a bit mixed. They are nice to have but not must haves unless you are a denim/blue fanatic or a die-hard Chanel collector. I like Blue Boy the best out of the three but Coco Blue isn’t super flattering on my skin and Blue Rebel doesn’t seem very original as it appears to be very close to Dior’s Bond Street (which I absolutely adore). I knew there was a good chance Coco Blue wouldn’t suit my skintone (baby blues just don’t look great on my fingers) yet I still caved to have a complete set from this collection.

For me I was expecting a bit more since last year’s Khaki and Soho Collection were such beautiful unique releases. That being said, Chanel has released quite a bit this year and plenty has kept me busy since spring was released (I’m still enamored with the Black Pearl Nail Polish). Still Chanel did an excellent job creating a beautiful trio of rich high quality blues. They are nice to have, just not the most unique or must-haves in my mind.

Will you be getting the Les Jeans de Chanel shades this year?

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