Sneak Peek: Upcoming Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color Collection

August 22, 2011
Those who have experienced the luxury of Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color will be excited to learn that Tom Ford’s upcoming makeup line will be expanded to include new shades of lipstick. I received a preview card of the upcoming shades and am already creating a wishlist. Some existing colors have been mixed together to create new ones which means a few will be discontinued. Also, the new shades will all come in the dark mahogany colored packaging instead of the white. I’ve been told Neimans expects the release to be sometime in October. I apologize the scan of the card I received is a bit blurry but here is the new lineup.

New shades: Nude Vanille, Sable Smoke, Pink Adboe, Coco Ravish, Deep Mink, Spanish Pink, Indian Rose, Casablanca, Flamingo, Violet Fatale, Wild Ginger, Scarlet Rouge, Crimson Noir

Original shades that are staying: Black Orchid, Blush Nude, Cherry Lush, Pink Dusk, True Coral

Original shades that will be phased out: Bruised Plum, Ginger Fawn, Moroccan Rouge, Pure Pink, Smoke Red, Vanilla Suede, Warm Sable

Beaut.ie: The Irish Beauty Blog gives us a first look at beautiful real life preview photos and BellaSugar has some promotional photos as well. Of the existing shades, I adore Pink Dusk (a highly pigmented nude pink, aka perfection in a tube) and I’ve been eager to try more but none of the other shades have really spoken to me. I look forward to seeing the new colors. If you’ve fallen in love with any particular shade, I recommend you check to see if it’s on the new lineup – now might be the time to stock up if it’s going to be discontinued.

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