Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Pink Dusk

June 10, 2010
I swore to myself that I wouldn’t even look at the new lipsticks from Tom Ford. I was less than thrilled with the boxy packaging, high price tag, and unappealing ad campaign. The fact that the lighter shades sold out online within days made me feel like it wasn’t meant to be. However my friend and I just happened to see these in LA and the rep at the Beverly Hills Neimans made the experience of trying on these lipsticks so fun, I could hardly say no. I caved and shelled out $45 for Pink Dusk and I have to say I am really happy with my purchase – no regrets at all.

I tried the four lightest shades and wanted to love the nudes but they looked like concealer on me. Pink Dusk was the only one that worked for my skintone (within my comfort zone) and is a lovely light neutral creamy pink with a very slight hint of shimmer in the tube. The formulas to me are the equivalent of cashmere sweaters. Creamy and smooth. They have the most wonderful soft vanilla scent (like Sprinkles Vanilla Cupcakes). If you like YSL Rouge Voluptes, you will like these. The Tom Ford is not quite as soft, but almost as creamy.

A few lip swatches, but it’s been a cloudy day so it was hard to get a good swatch. First in natural light, no flash.

Since I know there’s bound to be at least one of you to ask if there’s a dupe, I went through my stash of lipsticks to see. No dupe to be found. In my mind (off the top of my head) I had thought it was similar to Chanel Naive Rouge Allure, but upon pulling it out – I found I was way off. The most similar ones I could find, left to right:

Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink
Chanel Naive Rouge Allure
Tom Ford Pink Dusk
NARS Catfight
Bobbi Brown Uber Pink

You can also see it swatched on Karla Sugar’s Arm and London Makeup Girl’s Lips too.

Overall Thoughts: The color selection was a bit limited in my opinion. The nudes were mostly too pale and then there were 2 middle shades and then the rest jumped to brights and darks. I had my eye on Bruised Plum but knew there was no way I could pull it off.

Are these a must have? No. Especially not at $45 and especially not for a natural your lips but better color. But I am happy with my Pink Dusk and see myself getting regular use out of this shade. That being said, I definitely don’t plan on purchasing more.

$45 is still $45 and there are probably other better things I could have used my money on.

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