Chanel Ombres Tissées in Beiges – Thoughts & Swatches

August 10, 2011

This morning I applied Chanel Beiges as a highlighter on the cheeks over Chanel Rose Petale Blush. It lasted all day and well into the evening. The powder underneath has a unique texture that’s almost creamy, but not quite. After swatching all three shades, I found that they all look fairly similar on my skin. Blending them together doesn’t really change the effect. What I see is a pale pearly highlighter with a beautiful shimmer. On tanned/darker skins this may show up as a white frost – but only because of the contrast from the pale powder to a darker skin tone. I think if I get a few shades darker this might be too light for the face. For the eyes though, I think it would suit a number of skintones. It makes the eyes just glow with the most beautiful refined shimmer and sparkle. I adore it!

Here are the swatches of the product (what’s underneath the glitter).

The colors look remarkably similar on the skin to Dior’s Limited Edition Pink and Peach Lace Powders from Spring 2010 (here).

Overall love. I don’t believe the Beiges palette will be a must-have for most women as the effect on the skin is not all that original in terms of the finish. There are other highlighters out there that will get you a very similar effect. However, it’s a stunning piece to own simply because of the design. Even though the pattern will disappear with use, the quality and long-lasting power on the cheeks is a huge plus for me. I didn’t like the glitter on the skin but it did add a beautiful finish to the powder for aesthetics/design. I am glad it was easy to remove. Bottom line, for Chanel lovers, like me, the Beiges highlighter is a must. My camera simply cannot capture the beautiful sparkle this powder gives to the skin, but on the eyes, it’s magical with the subtle extra twinkle that makes the skin just glow.

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