Looking Back on Past Years of Chanel Fall Le Vernis Nail Colours

July 11, 2011
Chanel has developed a cult following for their beautiful cutting-edge seasonal nail polishes. As each new collection rolls out, it’s the new Chanel nail polish creations that I anticipate seeing the most. Since Chanel’s Fall Illusion d’Ombre Collection for 2011 was just released, I thought it would be fun to go through past years to see the history of Fall-Autumm Le Vernis colors. This year’s theme is highly metallic, very different than past collections. The colors shown below represent a partial history of the shades from Chanel Fall Collections, the mini releases and special boutique releases are excluded. Also, I did not start collecting until recent years so I know there are a few that I know I am missing and unfortunately I cannot recall releases prior to 2006. Starting from the present and going back in reverse chronological order, these are the shades Chanel has released for Fall.

Fall 2011 Quartz 525, Graphite 529, Peridot 531
Fall 2010 Jade Rose 493, Paradoxal 509
Fall 2009 Gondola 499, Intermezzo 501
Fall 2008 Kaleidoscope 479, Fantastic 481, (missing Gold Fiction)
Fall 2007 Lily Beige 451, Magnolia Rose 453, Lotus Rouge 455, Tulip Noire 457
Fall 2006 Splendeur 217, Black Satin 219, (might be missing a few)

As you can see from the swatches, not all Chanels are created equal. The formula has improved tremendously over the years. Some of the lighter shades apply blotchy and uneven requiring 3 coats. Overall the quality is superb and complexity of colors amazing. Each year Chanel typically releases something unique but timeless, although this most recent season for 2011 seems more trendy than classic, but beautiful nevertheless. I believe a good number have been limited edition and can no longer be found in the US. From traveling overseas, I know some can still be found in Europe, Asia or Duty-Free stores, but I do not have an up-to-date list.
Are you a Chanel Nail Polish collector? If so, can you help me fill in the gaps? What was your favorite Chanel Fall collection? Or do you have a different favorite season?

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