Chanel Dragon 475 Le Vernis: Ode To Café Makeup

June 11, 2011

I’ve written about Dragon Le Vernis by Chanel on numerous occasions but as I was going through my archives and realized I haven’t done a full proper review on this classic red. This post is dedicated to Café Makeup, currently gone, but definitely not forgotten. Her blog was phenomenal and an extremely valuable resource to us all. I know we are all hopeful for a possible return in the near future! At the same time, I wish her and Liz all the best for their plans right now. Chanel Dragon was Café Makeup’s signature red. Everytime I thought of or looked at my Chanel Dragon, I thought of Cafe Makeup 🙂 She described it as epic. Indeed it is. It’s sharp, crisp, rich, eye-catching in a classic sophisticated way. It looked amazing on her fair skin and it seems to be a universally flattering red for all skintones.

Here are a few photos of Chanel Dragon Le Vernis.

Nars Baroque on the lips (previously featured here)

I have quite a few favorite reds, Chanel Dragon is at the top of my list. Do you have a favorite red nail polish? Note I will be out of town most of the day, so I will be checking in comments but you may see a delay in approvals. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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