Quick Comparison: Eyes to Kill Intense 15, 5 and 6

March 17, 2011
After seeing those heart-stopping photos on Pink Sith of Eyes To Kill Intense #4 Pulp Fiction and a few others on Best Things in Beauty – I went to Neimans hoping they arrived on the west coast. They did! I picked up a few (to be reviewed soon, so much to review, so little time) and took note of a few other “maybes.” I had my eye on #5 Gold Blitz and #6 Khaki Pulse but they didn’t have the tester of #15 from holiday in store for me to compare. I left the store with hand swatches to do some testing at home.

Left to right: #15, #5 and then #6 (note the curved features of my hand made it difficult to photograph, but I hope this helps a bit)

The differences:
  • #15 is the most brassy, but very close to #6
  • #6 has the most khaki undertones
  • #5 is the warmest, most coppery-gold (reminds me of Edward Bess Escape Eyeshadow)
Does anyone need all three? I’ll leave that up to you to decide. The jury is still out on the must-have factor for me. Khaki tones tend to make me look tired and warm shades can turn orangey on me. They did have a lovely sparkle in the sunlight and are indeed super long lasting. I still have remnants on my hand this morning.

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