Dior Vernis Perfecto 804 Comparisons

March 21, 2011

Dior Perfecto ($21), part of the Rock Your Nails Collection, is a dark grey-black cream with a slight blueish undertone. On the nails it goes on fairly dark and almost looks black. All the newly released shades have been swatched with and without the new Rock Coat here. Since Perfecto is already dark, I didn’t see much of a difference with the Rock Coat on top.

Here are a few swatches on the fingers to show you depth/intensity of Perfecto. L to R: Gris Montaigne, NY57th, Perfecto and Sephora by OPI Break A Leg-Warmer (two coats each for the Diors, but three coats for the Sephora by OPI)

A few more swatch comparisons all lined up: 1) Gris Montaigne, 2) NY57th, 3) Perfecto, 4) Blue Label, 5) Sephora by OPI Break A Leg-Warmer, 6) Chanel Black Velvet

Two coats each except the Sephora by OPI which needed three coats:

Overall Perfecto is a lovely dark cream finish grey. It’s so dark I can’t really get in the mood to wear it right now for spring or even summer. It’s not a pure black (when compared to something like Chanel Black Velvet) but pretty close. Not a must-have in my opinion unless you’re looking for a dark color that doesn’t scream pure goth. The texture and finish is wonderfully smooth and opaque though.

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