Butter London Yummy Mummy

September 5, 2010
Butter London Yummy Mummy is described as a magical shade that flatters every skin color. It’s one of those shades I have been intrigued by for quite a while but have never really been able to figure out from online photos and reviews. Is it a beige? Nude? Nude-mauve? Brown? Taupe? I think that’s the “magic” of this color. It looks different in every review and swatch due to different skintones. In the bottle I would describe it as a greige beigey fawn with silver shimmer. On the nails the color is different depending on what angle I look at it. Sometimes it looks mauvey. Sometimes it looks like a nude beige tan. Other times it looks like a mushroom. It’s odd how it changes color depending on the light.

Overall it applies smoothly without streaks but I find it very sheer, much like Tea With the Queen that I reviewed a few days ago. I had to apply 3 coats to get it to show up, with each progressive coat thicker than the previous. It did dry pretty fast however which is a plus. It has the slightest bit of pearl to it which makes it so it’s not completely flat. It’s not really shimmery, but the shimmer is definitely more noticeable than that of Chanel Jade Rose or Paradoxal.

I pulled all the shades that I had envisioned as possibly being a dupe – this was BEFORE I actually purchased this shade. Then I pulled all the shades that were ACTUALLY in the same color family. As you can see in Set 1, my original estimates were completely off.

Comparison Set 1: What Sabrina thought were dupes

Comparison Set 2: Actual comparable shades

In terms of dupes none have the exact finish like Yummy Mummy. It’s most similar to Rococo Stone Cold Karma. RBL Grunge is similar – just paler and without shimmer. Revlon Grey Suede is similar from arm’s length but is more pinkish.

One last view:

Bottom line: I like it.

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