Paul & Joe Summer Creation 2010: New Lipgloss G & Lip Pencil Duos

May 27, 2010
Paul & Joe has released a new collection of lipglosses and double sided lipliners this summer. I was lucky enough to preview the demo products before the official launch back in March and was smitten with the colors and formulas. I was able to get a few sneak peek photos as well (featured here) – which just added to my excitement even more. Unfortunately, I believe I may have swatched the lipliner shades in the wrong order since the colors I wrote down don’t match the descriptions/products on the official Paul & Joe Website.

I ordered a few of the new lipliners and glosses (both retail for $22 each) for the BG summer event and got a cute GWP bag, I’ll feature more pics of it when I write about their summer collection (check back in a few days) but Haru from Rouge Deluxe also got a similar gift from her recent event, although I have to say the contents of her GWP was a much better deal. See her review/haul here.

What I picked up, left to right, with descriptions:
  • Lip Pencil 01 Dual Melon – a lovely peach & darker peach
  • Lip Pencil 04 Dual Rose – soft pink & deeper pinky-brown rose
  • Lip Gloss G 02 Sherbert – sheer sparkly beige (similar to the old 04)
  • Lip Gloss G 04 Blossom – sheer sparkly peachy pink
  • Lip Gloss G 05 Mon Cheri – sheer bright pink sparkle
  • Lip Gloss G 06 Sheer Bliss – sparkly melon peach

Check out the Paul & Joe Website for more pics/swatches here. The wand lipglosses come with a brush tip which I really like and find easy to apply. The texture is smooth and shiny (non-sticky) and have a slight melon scent that fades within a few minutes. The lighter shades seem sheerer, the brighter shades have more color.

The lipliners are to die for in my opinion. They have one glossy side and one more matte side. They are really creamy and glide on like a dream. I definitely need to check out the other shades again soon.

The new lipglosses are similar to the old, except the floral pattern is now embossed. I don’t have a lot of the older wand lipglosses, so I’m not sure if other colors are repromotes, but I did find their Old 04 similar to the new 02. You can see the other shades I have linked here.

Close Up with High Flash:

Close Up in Natural Sunlight:

Overall I like these a lot. A bit high in price IMHO, but I like the packaging and texture of the lipliners and glosses. The lighter shades seem like they’ll be too sheer to wear on their own, but they are still really pretty. If you like Chanel Aqualumiere Glosses, then you’ll like these new ones from Paul & Joe. They have a really nice smooth texture with a pretty finish. Even though they seem on the sparkley side, there is no grittiness which is always a plus.

I got these from Bergdorf Goodman in NY.

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