Urban Decay Afterglow Blush: Score, Quickie, X

March 9, 2010

Urban Decay’s Afterglow Blush in X is among my oldest blushes. I used this on a regular basis when I was an undergrad and it’s one of the few blushes that I hit pan on and used up. It never failed to give me a natural pretty glow (a less frosty version of NARS Orgasm) and generated endless compliments whenever I wore it. Unfortunately, it’s since been discontinued, but luckily I repurchased it before they pulled the plug on the color.

I recently ventured to my local Sephora to check out the other shades. Score is a peachy shimmer and Quickie is a bright cool pink shimmer. Here are the colors compared to X. Each retail for $17.

Label/Packaging – Seems similar to the original, but the weight went down a bit:

Overall thoughts: I think these are highly underrated, but I believe this is due to the price and size. $17 for 3.8 g is a bit pricey (compared to MAC $18.50 but for 6g/.21oz). I’m not usually one to nit-pick on price-per-gram, but when I saw the actual product, my first instinct was “eek, tiny!”

That being said, the pigment is excellent/easily blendable and formula seems to be of high quality. The texture makes it easy to layer. Being that they do seem to have high pigment, I would recommend applying with a lighter hand and then proceed by layering/blending so you don’t get a dark spot on one part of your cheek. I do believe they formulas justify the higher price, but unfortunately, I know I’ve passed by these numerous times just because of the price-to-size ratio.

I personally like a lot of Urban Decay products, particularly their shimmer eyeshadows. I’ve tested a number of their other products and have found a lot of great items but they’ve discontinued almost all my favorites, including their Lip Gunk (original wand lipgloss), Nail Polishes, Original Surreal Skin Powder Foundation, and a number of their Lip Liners that were fabulous.

I would expand my UD collection in a heartbeat if it weren’t for their bizarre packaging and neverending glitter supply. Then again, I don’t think I am exactly their target market. I do like that they are unique, edgy and very rocker-chic. There are some staples I have from the collection including Toasted, Blaze, Stray Dog, YDK, and Sellout Eyeshadows. Their eyeshadows have amazing pigments/texture. Zero Deluxe Eyeshadow is the one of the prettiest black shimmers ever.

I am still keeping my fingers crossed that they will release the exclusive colors in their Book of Shadow Series into individual shadows, in particular Mushroom, Nylon, Sidecar, Gridlock.

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