Rescue Beauty Lounge Plie

January 16, 2010
The recent Rescue Beauty Lounge VIP 5 Hour Sale was definitely the best deal of the holiday season. I’m thrilled with my new RBLs even though I ended up with a few too many light-neutrals. My latest project is to swatch my entire RBL family for you on a fully manicured hand in different lighting. I’ve already swatched Pink Shimmer, Revamp & Ani on full manis/pedis and my original mini family of 4 Killa Red, Cherry Love, Ani, & Leila on individual fingers.

My latest manicure is with Rescue Beauty Lounge Plie which I’d describe as a perfect ballerina pink. The photos on the RBL website are extremely accurate in my opinion (at least on my screen) which is something I find rare for many companies so I appreciate their accuracy!

Recently, my dear friend Miss L.J. and I were discussing our New Year’s Resolutions and she told me this year she was going to do her own manicures this year to save money from her expensive mani-maintenance habit. She said she was not going to give up no matter what and was determined that she would master the art of painting her own nails by the end of the year even if it killed her.

So in the spirit of DIY and also trying to save $, I tried a DIY manicure at home and ended up with the worst looking manicure – streaks, uneveness, goopy texture. I thought I could do it since my hands are incredibly steady with scissors and knives (for cooking) but alas, when it comes to painting my fingers, it’s another story.

I immediately rushed to my favorite nail salon and am happy to report that the texture and finish is perfect when applied by a professional: opaque, creamy and even. The result is featured below in a few different views. I wasn’t so thrilled with how the color looked on my skin at first, it seemed a bit too mauvey-ballet pink, but I think it’s growing on me the more I look at them.

Anyone else have this shade or tried it? Any dupes to recommend?

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