All-In-One Convenience with Chanel Quadra Eye Shadows

December 19, 2009

Per reader request, I’ve photographed the new Kaska Beige Eyeshadow Quad next to Demure and Winter Nights for comparison and decided to photograph my entire collection of Chanel quads.

For me, nothing compares to the color palette of Chanel – I usually find that all the shades in each quad coordinate well with each other for a base, crease, liner and highlight. (Exceptions are with the lumieres quads Oasis and Plein Soleil which have a slightly different texture and are more for highlight/contour.) The colors in each quad work perfectly for an all-in-one palette which I find rare in most other pre-made quads. The pigment ranges from medium-light to medium, I like to apply the darker shades with a slightly damp brush. If you like super rich pigment, then these might not be the best option for you. I find Dior Iridescent Quints to be more pigmented, but they have similar intensity to the regular Dior Quints. All of these are the US versions, unfortunately most have been limited edition or discontinued – but check your local Chanel counters, they often still carry some of the older colors until stock sells out. On occasion they will repromote some of the palettes.

Top: 85 Demure, 18 Kaska Beige, 14 Mystic Eyes
Bottom: Dunes, Planetes, 13 Beiges de Chanel

Top: 81 Shimmering Dunes, Spices, 25 Variations
Bottom: Nymphea, 517 Oasis, 527 Plein Soleil

Top: Fascination, Dreams, Golden Eyes
Bottom: Songes, Influences, Winter Nights

Top: 94 Reflets D’Ombre, 16 Murano, Nebuleuses
Bottom: 95 Sparkling Satins, Allegories, Les Divine Mattes

I believe most of these quads have been released in the Asia/Euro/Canada version (ones with the round pans). The only non-US version I have is the White Whisper quad (see photos and swatches here) which was an Asia exclusive, but released through Chanel.com and at select Chanel Beaute Studios and Boutiques. For color releases, I believe Asia gets more colors than we do in the US.

While these are expensive, I do find they last a long time. The most frequently used quad I have is Dunes and does not yet have any dips in it yet. This is by no means an all-comprehensive list of all the quads that have been released – there are quite a few that have been released that I do not own.

What are your favorite Chanel quads? Or are there other brands of quads you like better?

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