YSL Rouge Volupté = Pure Luxury for Lips

November 13, 2009

I finally caved in and gave the YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick formula another try because of all the gorgeous pictures I’ve seen of perfect nude pink lips from the #1 Nude Beige shade. I’ve never paid much attention to YSL in the past because of the high price tag, but lately with the release of some gorgeous new Golden Glosses like #26, 28 and 29 I have looked more into the line and have to say I am impressed!

Left to right: #1 Nude Beige, #2 Sensual Silk, #3 Ultimate Beige, #23 Luscious Pink, #25 Soft Beige, #26 Tender Peach

These lipsticks are full-coverage with a smooth and creamy finish that I haven’t seen in any other lipstick. They have a sweet watermelon-like scent. I normally don’t go for full-coverage lipsticks because I usually find them too thick and matte, but these have a nice subtle shine to them and don’t feel heavy at all. I also find that full-coverage lipsticks tend to be less forgiving if the shade isn’t perfect for your skintone. But perhaps I am just pickier than most.

Thanks to the one-day discount sale at Neimans, I was able to get these at a 20% discount instead of paying the full $34 retail price. As fabulous as these lippies are, I don’t think I would have splurged for them if it hadn’t been for the discount. I think anything over $30 for something lips-related is ridiculously steep, especially when you compare it to all the other things you could buy for $30.

More views + swatches:

I don’t have #13 Peach Passion, but I believe it is brighter and more vibrant than #26 Tender Peach which I find less bright/fake looking in the lips.

Those of you who own these – how do you wear them? Alone? With a liner or gloss? Would love to hear what you’ve tried and like since I’m new to these!

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