Paul & Joe Nail Enamels

November 24, 2009

Photos and swatches the nail polishes, 3 coats each swatch:

01 Secret of Gold (pale champagne base with micro silver glitter)
02 Heirloom (sparkley gold base with micro glitter)
03 Lampshade (opalescent shimmer)
04 Provence (more mauvey-nude pink shimmer)
05 Teacup (nude pink cream)

* Please note, the flash either washed these colors out or made them all look the same. They are all similar, but the difference is in the undertone.

10 Poodle
11 Goldfish
12 Matinee
13 Theatre Lights
14 Strawberry Glace

18 Nouveau
20 Manhattan
27 Gilded
29 Toujours

They have a different scent than most nail polishes – almost a powdery/floral scent. My top three picks would be 02 Heirloom (sheer champagne gold with sparkles), 10 Poodle (cotton candy pink with a slight iridescence) and 20 Manhattan (pretty sparkling gunmetal).

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