Paul & Joe Eyeshadows + Swatches

November 19, 2009

The first collection feature for Paul & Joe will be about the single eyeshadows. I love the pigment and texture. They are soft and blendable with lovely shimmer. To me, they are on par with Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows for how they feel, but the Paul & Joe are less prone to breakage. Some are a bit more sparkley than others, but there is a great range from matte, to satin, to sparkle, and shimmer.

The cute packaging it comes in:

Here are all the eyeshadows I have in my collection to date:

001 Nugget, 003 Fortune, 01 Secret of Gold, 04 Sepia, 10 Ballerina, 14 Earth, 16 Cocoa, 17 Bitter Chocolate, 20 Onyx, 23 Boulevard, 24 Centre Stage, 26 Metro, 92 Tapestry, 055 Cafe Bon-Bon, 056 Candy Sprinkles, 061 Verite

Close Up #1:

Close Up #2:

Swatches with high flash (over Armani LSF 5.5 as a base):

The pigment is excellent and please take the swatch pictures with a grain of salt – the flash tends to wash the color/pigment out a bit.

Swatches without flash:

The arm swatches don’t do the paler colors justice, they don’t show up well in the photo above, hopefully this will help show the pigment better (even if it can’t capture the true essence of each shade):

Close up of the limited edition packaging:


The regular shades come in a single mirrored compact form, but it appears that early next year Paul & Joe plans to revamp their eyeshadow line and make them available in palette form. Check out the Spring 2010 Promo Pictures on Rouge Deluxe.

All were purchased at Bergdorf Goodman, The Primping Parleur, Beautyhabit and Dermstore.com. I highly recommend you check out Beautyhabit.com and Dermstore.com for more product views and color descriptions.

FYI – The Primping Parleur has 20% off with code NOVFAMILY and Beautyhabit has 20% off as well with code INSTYLE – all codes good until the end of this month.

If you have any eyeshadow colors you’d like to share, please let me know or post the link in the comments! Gaia from The Non-Blonde posted a picture of 19 Russian which looks lovely!

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