Dior Red Dahlia Nail Polish (Sephora Exclusive)

August 17, 2009

This is a follow up on my Sephora Haulings post to show more pics of the new Dior Red Dahlia Nail Polish for Fall 2009 which is a Sephora Exclusive (other counters received Black Plum).

I wasn’t happy with the original swatches because the photos were pulling more red than fuchsia for the Red Dahlia, so hopefully these will give you a better look at what it really looks like.

Black Plum & Red Dahlia

1. MAC Rougemarie (bottle shown)
2. Dior Red Dahlia (bottle shown)
3. OPI Miami Beet
4. OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry
5. Nars Jungle Red

1. OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry
2. MAC Rougemarie
3. Nars Jungle Red
4. Dior Red Dahlia
5. OPI Miami Beet
6. Essie Private Bash
7. Essie Very Cranberry
8. Chanel Shanghai Red

Two views, left to right: MAC Rouge Marie, Dior Black Plum, Dior Red Dahlia, Nars Jungle Red, Nars Chinatown, Essie Very Cranberry

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