Chanel Fleurs Celestes de Chanel Natural Finish Face Highlighter

August 29, 2009

The second round of my Symphonie Blanche de Chanel haul finally came and I got the Fleurs Celestes de Chanel Powder in the mail today! I apologize for having posts about this collection all over the place. For the nail and eye products click down to this past Tuesday’s post Chanel White Whisper Quadra Eyeshadow & Blanc Petale Nail Colour.

This is the product description according to Chanel.com:

Product & swatch photos, came in a cute Chanel Gift Box:

Close up of the palette:

Swatched on fingers (please note that the photograph doesn’t do the shimmer justice! I usually don’t do swatches b/c I can rarely get accurate photos of them, this should just give you an idea of the pigmentation):

Overall thoughts: I was a bit hesitant to order this since I’ve found Chanel Highlighters to be hit or miss. Sometimes they are gorgeous in the pan, but go on so sheer, you can barely see anything on. This palette did not disappoint at all – the shimmer is pigmented enough to give a beautiful glow but is subtle enough that I don’t look like I have glitter.

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