Nars Fall 2009 Tokaido Express Swatch + Review

July 13, 2009

Here’s a swatch of the new Nars Tokaido Express nail polish:

Overall thoughts: I have several other nail polishes from Nars that I really like (Saratoga, Madame Butterfly, Orgasm, etc.) and this is probably the worst in formula that I have. While the color looks rich and lush, the formula is very thin and streaky this application required 3 coats (I applied the third coat heavily). I normally don’t apply nail polish myself (due to the total lack of manicure/pedicure skills), so perhaps a more even finish would be achieved if done by a professional.

It’s very similar to Dior Licorice from last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary (comparison swatches coming soon).

So while you can get a nice rich finish, be warned that it will take several coats and that your first two coats might be streaky and uneven.

FYI the original Nars Fall 2009 post has been updated with this picture as well. Check a few posts down to see more of the collection.

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