Bobbi Brown Nude Collection 2009

June 15, 2009

Bobbi Brown’s newest collection is another series of nudes. The new Nude Collection for 2009, consists of a new shimmer brick, eye palette, gel liner and four creamy lip colors. I’m a huge fan of nude colors, and this collection is absolutely lovely in my opinion!!! Here are the items with a couple promo pics:

* Nude Shimmer Brick Compact ($38 USD)

* Nude Eye Palette ($60 USD) contains Navajo, Pebble Metallic, Chino, Beige Linen Shimmer Wash, Maple Sugar Metallic, Caviar

* Creamy Lip Color ($22 USD) in Soft Blush, Rosebud, Rose Garden, and Twilight

* Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($21 USD) in Caviar Ink

Now, actual photos and a few comparisons:

Nude Eye Palette in her 3 Pan Palette:

Long-wear Gel Eyeliners:
1. Gunmetal Shimmer Ink
2. Caviar Ink
3. Graphite Shimmer Ink

Shimmer Brick Compacts:
1. Nude
2. Sandstone
3. Brownie
4. Pink Quartz

Creamy Lip Colors, left to right in Soft Blush, Rosebud, Rose Garden, and Twilight:

And a look into previous nude palettes, top to bottom:

* Original Nude on Nude: Nude, Cement, Wheat, Espresso, Malted
* Nude on Nude Shimmer Wash: Nude SW, Cement SW, Woodrose SW, Wheat SW, Mahogany
* Shimmering Nudes: Nude Beach Metallic, Nude Mist SW, Naked, Nude Glow Metallic, Mica SW, Nude Spice Metallic, Espresso
* Stonewashed Nudes: Navajo, Mica SW, Ash SW, Hot Stone, Stonewash SW, Rock SW, Espresso
* Nude Lip and Eye (eyes shown): Bare, Naked, Nude SW, Buff SW

* Promotional photos from Bobbi Brown Germany, Nordstrom.com

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