Chanel Nail Polishes: The Instant Pick-Me-Up!

May 27, 2009

I’m a huge fan of Chanel Nail Polishes and am addicted to collecting them. Pedicures are my no-fail stress-reliever and can instantly brighten my mood, especially with any of Chanel’s pretty colors.

One of the reasons I love Chanel is they seems to be one of the few lines that has maintained the same classic packaging of most their makeup items. I appreciate re-vamps and product improvements (for example, I think Dior has done a fabulous makeover on their products changing their image from old-lady scents/packaging to sleek and modern). However, it is nice to have some consistency with packaging. The artists who design these colors are pure genius, since most of the shades seem to be universally flattering.

Here are the colors I’ve collected, along with some NARS and Dior shades mixed in. Unfortunately, many of these shades are no longer available. A few, like Violette and Red Dream were CPs from overseas. (*NOTE – all pictures are clickable for larger viewing.)

* Dior Porcelain #189

* NARS Gimme Shelter

* NARS Saratoga

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