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Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip + Beauty Insider Birthday Minis

June 21, 2017

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip Review and Swatches | The Beauty Look Book

I’m a sucker for minis so when I saw the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip Set ($28, limited-edition) it didn’t take me long to buy one. It sold out online but just restocked so if you haven’t seen it yet I hope these swatches will either help you decide to splurge or save $$$. I also got their Beauty Insider Birthday Gift and redeemed my points for a Tarte mini so I thought I’d round them all up in one post here.

The Sephora Favorites sets have a lot of great options to sample products in mini sizes. I have my eye on the Ultimate Travel Bag because it looks like it has a little bit of everything. I bought and reviewed their spring version back in January. The one for summer is just as fun. Quick note first – the current set still comes with the black stuffing, but I swapped it out for some white stuffing I had from a different set simply because it was easier to see the product.

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip Review | The Beauty Look Book

How cute are the minis?! (On the nails is Essie Spin the Bottle)

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip Review and Swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Inside the Give Me Some Nude Lip Set you get 6 lip products, all are minis except for the Urban Decay lip which is full-sized:

  • Tarte Lingerie Lippie Matte Tint in Revealed is a mocha brown shade. I love the formula, pigment, texture and finish – I just found the color too dark for my personal preference. It’s a smooth finish chubby stick with a semi velvety finish. It says matte but it’s not flat looking and feels super lush on the lips. I will definitely try to check out other shades in this formula.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Kristen is one of my favorite opaque glosses, I already own it in the full size. It’s a neutral pinky brown color and perfect for any occasion. I love the rich opaque pigment and high shine. The color is just perfect.
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi Shine Lip Lacquer in Sugar Sugar is a light nude champagne color. For me this one is best when worn over another lipstick or liner. Alone it has a sharper contrast to my natural lip tone making it look like I have a dark rim around the lips when I wear this because my lip shows through. The glosses in line have a lush cushiony feel without the tacky sticky finish.
  • Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy in Spice Girl is probably the most painful lip product I’ve ever tried. Tingles scare me because I’ve tried a few in the past where my lips literally flare up from an allergic reaction. This one started to sting within 10 seconds in such a sharp burning manner. I couldn’t wear it long enough to test because it hurt so much. I had it on probably 5 minutes just swatching and photographing it. The color and finish is really pretty but I just couldn’t tolerate the tingle.
  • NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound is another one I own in the full size. I definitely should have read the labels on the box to see if I already owned most of these, but the minis got me. This one is a perfect soft mauve color. It has the word “velvet” in it but on me these still have a slight sheen to them.
  • Urban Decay Vice Waterproof Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick is a full size metallic rose color. I’ve tried this one before and it was a total fail for me. The color dried on the lips in a way that make them look dried out and shriveled. In the past when I tested this one it dried out my lips so bad they peeled for several days after. They do last a long time as in they don’t budge all day long so if you don’t have sensitive lips this formula might be worth a try. Based on my one experience with this color though I’m passing on all the rest.

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip Review | The Beauty Look Book

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip lip swatches | The Beauty Look Book

Next are some Beauty Insider Perks. This year you have a couple options for the Beauty Insider Birthday Perk. You can pick between skincare from Caudalie and makeup from Tarte. I opted for the Tarte options but in reality I should have gone with the skincare as they would have been perfect to travel with. The Tarte set comes with the Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Paaarty (1.5 g/0.05 oz) and a Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Birthday Suit (1 ml/0.034 fl oz). Both are really pretty neutrals, the blush is a matte pink brown and the lip paint is a creamy nude pink that doesn’t wash me out. I also picked up a mini Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Rose (1 ml/0.034 fl oz) as a 100 point perk. I actually already own this one in the full size but couldn’t resist the mini. It’s a warm rose peachy color on me. I’m not the biggest fan of matte lips or matte liquid lipsticks but the colors from Tarte are pretty good and I can add a bit of balm or gloss on top.

Sephora Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint Birthday Suit and Rose | The Beauty Look Book

Sephora Tarte Birthday Gift 2017 | The Beauty Look Book

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip Review | The Beauty Look Book

In summary I like Tarte Birthday Suit enough to consider buying the full size. It’s a good neutral nude color that works for my skin tone and doesn’t wash me out. For the Give Me Some Nude Lips set turns out I like the colors I already own the best (NARS Bound, Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar and Anastasia Kristen). The others were nice to try and even though I didn’t like the colors or formula so much at $28 it was worth it for me to try. That being said $28 could still have gone towards a full size gloss or lipstick that I really wanted – but I never use the lip testers in store on my lips because of all the germs so sometimes it’s hard to guess what a color will look like. I’ll swatch lip products on my hand and then hold it up to my face to see if I can kinda tell what it will look like, but I’m one who cringes when I see others using store testers on their lips.

Bottom line not a total win, but not a total fail either. You can find the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip set at Sephora. It’s limited-edition and they’ve launched a few variations over the past few seasons.

Have you picked up any Sephora Favorites sets lately? If so which sets did you try and what did you think?



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  • ohh, just wish we had sephora in uk.

  • Carolina Pereira

    Loved all the products! Too bad we don’t have Tarte and these sets at Sephora Portugal πŸ™

    • Elena JG

      Same in Spain! I don’t understand how the same store can be so different between countries. Importing US brands must be expensive, I get it, but that they could have the same sort of sets with other brands

  • These all look so pretty Love the lip shades

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • I own this set too and i also hate the urban decay liquid lipstick. My favorite is the anastasia one.

    • OMG thank goodness it’s not just me! And YAY for the ABH glosses πŸ™‚

  • The two from Tarte look so pretty! x

    Millie |

  • Cristina Planter

    I am a huge fan of all Sephora favorites sets, but I am not sure on this one. I have yet to find a nude lip product that doesnΒ΄t make me look pale and sickly, so I always steer clear of any lip product with the word Β΄nudeΒ΄on it. I also live in a very windy city so wearing lipgloss or any lip product with a lipgloss formula is just a recipe for disaster, but your posts just make me want to buy everything! My birthday is in June, so I just got my birthday gift. I went with the Caudalie skin care and they are the best! The moisturizer has a consistency perfect for summer, that hydrates but doesnΒ΄t leave a sticky residue, and the serum has me waking up with a radiant finish. Pus, like you said, the size makes them perfect travel companions.

    • I totally get you! Nude lip colors are so hard to find, it takes so much trial and error to find the right undertone and pigment.

      If you’re in a windy city then yes I’d say steer clear of the glosses and opt for a regular lipstick or liquid lipstick with less shine.

      Glad you went with the Caudalie set. I have the serum and just bought the moisturizer today. I have high hopes it will work in this humid weather!

  • YMaisey

    The Tarte lip in Birthday Suit and blush in Paaarty are really wearable. Got them as part of my birthday gift in May and am really enjoying.

  • KC

    Like you, I love a neutral lip. But as a middle-aged woman, I loathe the matte look. Want to add 10 years to your age? Wear a matte lipstick of any kind. That painted on, dried out, dead flat look is awful on older lips. Glossy, pillowy textures and natural, human colors with a bit of translucence are the way to go after a certain age. So lucky for me you feature the best of that category, which is why your blog is a must-read. Thank you!

    • Casey

      As a fellow woman of a certain age, I used to hate matte lipsticks also. but I’ve found that if I prep my lips beforehand with a scrub and a balm, that they go on, and look much better.

      • Good to know! I’ll try adding balm underneath πŸ™‚ Thx for the tip!

    • Thanks KC – I agree, matte lips age people so much! The one exception is the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution but that’s more of a traditional lipstick vs the liquid kind. I am waiting for glosses to be back in. I just ordered a bunch of the new ones from Jouer and am so curious to see if they’re like the cremes just with shine. Some of her cremes look so pretty but I know they will make my lips look almost like dried raisins lol. Hoping these new ones are that glossy cushiony kind!

  • Casey

    This set didn’t thrill me, so I got the Sunday Riley 2pc one, and I LOVE it. The travel set is also on my radar.

  • Anna

    Hi Sabrina,

    Great post as usual! Based on your comments, I think I’ll pass on this set, though I might try the Marc Jacobs product (it looks stunning!).

    Btw kind of a random question, but seeing as you always dress so beautifully, do you have recommendations of good hats for travel? I’m going to Paris in a week (!!!) and the hot sun will fry my skin if I’m not prepared. I can never find hats that are both large enough to cover my face/stylish as well. Any brands you recommend checking out, or specific hats you recommend? Would love your opinion!

    • Hi Anna – SO AMAZING you’re going to Paris!!! And you are too sweet. Traveling with hats can be tricky as they are prone to getting squished unless you’re willing to wear them, carry them or have a separate hat box.

      If you are open to buying an one while in Paris I would recommend that.

      Otherwise I’ve had luck with ones from J.Crew and also find good ones at Nordstrom in the BP section that are super affordable. A brand that’s been on my radar is Janessa Leone – I’ve seen a number of other fashion bloggers wear them and they always look amazing. I have yet to try or buy one yet.

      HTH some! And have the best time in Paris!!

      • Anna

        Hi Sabrina,

        Thank you so much for that really helpful reply! I’ll check out styles from the brands you mentioned, then look for something similar once I arrive. Thank you again! Love your blog! πŸ™‚