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September 18, 2016


For fall Tom Ford Beauty has launched new items for lips and eyes along with a few repromoted shades. Many of you have been eagerly waiting for the review and I can say that the new launches do not disappoint. By now the items have arrived in store and counters – I ordered these sight unseen and only have one that I would say I regret buying. For the AW16 Color Collection, items include:
The item I was most excited about was the Eye Color Duo called AW16 which was featured on the runway for this year’s fashion week. The online stock photos are not accurate though. Based on the online images I expected a soft peachy shimmer and neutral-cool brown taupe neutral shimmer. The duo is a lot more neutral in real life. Many of you have asked how it compares to Nude Dip (originally reviewed here). I’ll show comparisons below. As a die hard Tom Ford eyeshadow lover there was nothing that would have stopped me from purchasing it. There are subtle differences if you look closely. The duo has a brighter shimmer for the pale side and the deep side is deeper than Nude Dip’s darkest color. However they are remarkably similar. Texture is the same for the duo and quads which is my favorite formula from Tom Ford. They are very pigmented and easy to blend. The shimmer is just unmatched with any other brand.





AW16 layered over Platinum (the right side looks faded because I hold my camera sideways and the flash always washes that side out):





AW16 swatched on the left, Nude Dip on the right:



Next are the Cream Color for eyes, both repromoted shades Pink Haze and Platinum. I’ve received dozens of requests for swatches compared to the originals (yes I still have them, they are still good and haven’t turned in color or scent) and also compared to the Golden Peach Cream Powder Duo. The artist at my local counter said they were different, I think they are really close so there’s no need to re-buy if you already own these from past seasons. These are some of my favorite cream shadows. They are easy to blend, super creamy and work well with my skintype. I like layering them together for an effortless look.


Pink Haze is a medium warm pink shimmer. Platinum is the perfect fawn brown taupe.




Love Lust was repromoted with this launch but when I saw photos pop up online it looked drastically different from the one I own. Out of curiosity I had to buy it. I adore Tom Ford Blushes anyways so having an extra one was ok in my mind. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at their blushes because they really do last a long time, but the current one is lighter and less peach than the original one I have. I don’t know if there are differences in batches or if they changed the color. If you own it let me know what you think yours looks like.




Swatch comparisons:


Last but not least are the Lip Contour Duos. Each product has a lip shaping liner with tiny glitter flecks and a cream lip color on the other end. The liners match the lipstick and they are both full coverage. The liners are on the stiff side and I broke the tips of a few when I applied them on bare lips although I will say they were a bit on the dry side. I found application best for the liner if I prepped the lips with a bit of balm first and then applied in short strokes. For me the liner glitter isn’t as chunky as I expected and is very subtle so even the conservative makeup-wearer can still wear these. The liners have a matte finish and truly extend the lasting power of the lip color. For me when I used the liner the lip color lasted a lot longer.


The lipstick side is a full coverage cream. They have a soft finish and glide across the lips. Many of the shades have a 90’s vibe to me and as a neutral lip lover I found quite a few options I can wear for everyday. In addition there are some lovely pinks, mauves and a plum. I skipped the bright reds as the only two reds I really wear are Edward Bess Amor Lip Gloss or the Louboutin Rouge Loubilaque.


There’s the AW16 Lip Contour Duo shade and eight in the regular Lip Contour Duo lineup (I picked out the lightest ones):



Colors as they apply on me, liners match lipstick almost exactly with the exception that the liners have tiny gold flecks:
  • AW16 is a super pale beige cream, this is the only shade I regret buying, alone it’s just pure death, if I layer a pinky or peachy gloss on top I can make it work
  • Public Display is a beige cream nude
  • Fling it On is a peachy pink color
  • Dream Obscene is a mauvey lilac color
  • Show it Off is a mauve plum (my favorite!)
  • I’ll Teach You is a deep fuschia pink
  • Make Me is a drop dead gorgeous plum
Close ups, first the lipstick:



Β Lip liner side:




Quick look with AW16 + Platinum for eyes, Love Lust on the cheeks (current version which is almost like a highlighter on my skintone) and Public Display on the lips:



As a huge fan of Tom Ford Beauty I think there are some lovely items in the fall collection. The prices are among the highest in the beauty world but in my experience the quality, color payoff and textures are really good. The AW16 Duo has a lot of similar qualities to Nude Dip so if you’re debating which one to get, I’d say go for Nude Dip.


Out of the Lip Contour Duos, my favorites actually are the mauves and plums with Show It Off being the winner for me. In the neutral zone I think there are some good options but regular lip colors like Pink Dusk, Revolve Around Me and Spanish Pink are still my favorite neutrals from his line. Still the Lip Contour Duos are solid performers and the lipstick side is among the creamiest formula I’ve tried with full coverage in one swipe.


At this time I’m not sure which items are permanent or limited-edition. I think it’s safe to say the AW16 items are limited. There are also some new Private Blend Fragrances that have launched. I gave them a brief sniff at the counter and got a mini sample made of one, but of course I’ve forgotten where I put it and can’t remember which one it was. Once I find it I’ll report back.


You can find the Tom Ford Beauty Autumn Winter collection at Tom Ford counters now. Online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Tom Ford. Note that the BG Rewarding Beauty event is still going on through the 18th – as Tom Ford is pretty spendy the event is a nice time to have some savings off splurges. Details in this post.


Have you checked out the Tom Ford fall collection items yet?
What did you think? Any winners for you?

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  • Pj

    That's so weird about the blush. My counter had the repromote for aw16 labelled as frantic pink

    • I have both Love Lust and Frantic Pink and the current one doesn't look like either one of those. Weird is right! LOL.

    • I'm pretty sure the AW16 blush is Love Lust – if you search via social you'll see that it's Love Lust featured as the repromote but I'm sure Frantic Pink will work too!

    • I was at TF counter today after I read your blog and I asked them about this blush issue. They said they were asked to pull the runway eye colour duo, the runway lip contour pencil and Love Lust blush along with the new Private blend OmbrΓ© Leather 16 together as a capsule to display on counter. As far was they were concerned LL was from existing stock and the other pieces new. So that is as much as I know from TF staff today but this is a UK counter so if the colour has been reissued I suspect it would be US first. Howver the reissued colour of LL in your pictures fits the AW 16 look better than the existing LL so I can understand if they did adjust the colour slightly. But the counter staff in UK can't comment as they have existing LL. Also Platinum eye colour cream hasn't even been included in the capsule here. This Runway range seems to be growing by the week. The Lip Contour in AW16 is meh but I have bought 6/8 of the other colours leaving Public Display & Fling it On behind as not me. I love the formula and performance of these!

    • And I bought the eye duo on the day of the Runway show…..what's almost as good a Nude Dip? Nude Dip in duo. Yes…….they are similar but not identical. You've captured the difference between the duo & the quad much better than the photos on the TF website. Xx

    • Hi Amanda – always appreciate your input! xoxo

  • I feared the Tom Ford blushes had changed as well. Not having a Tom Ford counter around me, I do my research online before adding to my collection. Last year I ordered Wicked and when it arrived it was missing the sheen it had on all the older online swatches. This one was more of a matte and the color looked slightly off from all the review photos. I ended up returning it, and I'm holding on to my old Flush & Love Lust as long as I can. Luckily like you said they last forever!

    • Lindsey – thanks for confirming! I had not noticed until now, will have to reinvestigate the others!

  • The lip contour duos seem interesting to try! I love the Public Display shade.

    • I think the Lip Contour Duos are really unique to have a liner and lipstick in one product. Public Display is really pretty πŸ™‚

  • JN

    "Fling it on" is such a pretty color! Great review as always. πŸ™‚

  • Gail

    Thanks for the great review, especially the comparison swatches of the new eye duo vs Nude Dip and the various iterations of Pink Haze. Very helpful and honest, as I knew you would be. I am intrigued by some of the lip duos now. Have a wonderful Sunday Sabrina!

  • Thank you for the great swatches and beautiful pictures. I'm going to have a hard time deciding on just a few pieces from this gorgeous collection. I can see why you love Show It Off. What a pretty shade on you!

    • Thanks daydreaming beauty! Show It Off is such a great one, I think it would suit a wide range of skintones!

  • Kristina aka cubicledweller

    As always, a beautiful post! Thank you so much for posting the comparison of the eyeshadow duo with Nude Dip. The only thing I bought from this collex is the "Show it Off" lip duo. It is a beautiful shade and I'm glad to have it, however, when compared to some of the other TF lip formulae, It is not my favorite. I think I'm alone in that opinion however. thanks again for the post!!

    • Hi Kristina! Glad you found one shade you liked! Glad the comparison swatches helped!

  • Mikki

    Thanks for another great post Sabrina. Do you know how many ounces are in the lip products?

    • You're welcome! Box says 0.08 oz/2.2g hth!

    • Mikki

      Ugh. Lips and Boys are .07 oz @ $36. $53 for .08 oz?


    • Awwwww thank you xoxo!!!!!

  • Sabrina, you're an angel! All those beautifully photographed comparisons are so very helpful especially since repromotes always cause me to wonder if a color has morphed into something else over the years. The old Love Lust was one of my favorite corals, but the new one would be a complete no-go for me πŸ™ As for eyeshadows, I went on blind faith that A/W16 would be different from Nude Dip and I was not disappointed when I received the new duo. Although the colors look similar when arm swatched, once applied on my deep set eyes, the difference in finish influences how the light plays with the contours of my eyes which creates a different overall effect. Did I need both? No. Am I happy to have both? Yes. When it comes to lip products, I wear a liner about 80% of the time and so I like the idea of a coordinating liner/lipstick duo. So, convenient! And, since I like the quality of Show It Off, that effortless autumn color has been a constant companion for daytime wear.

    • Eileen – you always make my days with your sweet and thoughtful comments. I'm happy you see the slight finish differences between the AW16 duo and Nude Dip Quad too!! I agree it's not necessary to have both but like you I'm happy I do πŸ™‚

  • Ah, this is such a great post! Look at all the pretties. I'm totally obsessed with so many of these things and I'm pretty much jumping up and down in excitement. COMPLETELY obsessed with "Show it Off"–swoon.

    • Hi Jessica! Show It Off is such a good one πŸ™‚

  • I've always wanted to try Tom Ford beauty. Their collections are always beautiful! Thanks for always adding swatches for us to see what the colours really look like – it can indeed be very different from stock photos. AW16 is gorgeous, possibly my favourite product of the whole collection!

    Julia x
    Last post: Photo Diary of CefalΓΉ, Sicily |

    • Hi Julia! Glad the post helped you πŸ™‚

  • The eye colour duos look awesome! So do the lip products!

    JaynieShannon Beauty & Lifestyle


    • Tom Ford always has something gorgeous out!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Sabrina as always for the useful review. I bought the Eye Color Duo AW16, Pink Haze cream shadow and Fling it On lip contour duo the other day in Japan TF. I wanted to get Show it Off too, but they sold out the first day it was launched. Public Display looks great on you. I will try that as well.

    I am now waiting for the fragrances to be launched end of this week here. I hope you will do a review on the Vert series.

    • Hi Anonymous! Glad you liked the review and happy to hear about your haul! I will definitely do a post on the Vert series πŸ™‚

  • Would love to try Tom Ford products! And have a haul just of those.

  • Lea

    It's interesting your lip liners were dry. I had done an early pre-order from Tom Ford and mine are pretty creamy and soft.