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Christian Louboutin Red Nail Extensions

May 2, 2016

This May, Christian Louboutin introduces three new rouge nail colors for spring to summer in his Red Nail Extensions Collection ($50 each). There are two new additions to the Pop Colors Family and one new shade for the Noirs Family. Just when I thought all the reds have been done – Louboutin manages to add three new shades that are absolute perfection. The Louboutin team sent the three shades for me to play with for a week and swatch for my readers. I’m thrilled to be able to share a peek at them today.

There are three bright and bold colors added to the rouge lineup – all of which are very opaque and offer full coverage with a single coat. I personally prefer two coats for all nail polishes I wear for a super rich and cushiony look. I’ve reviewed the Christian Louboutin Nail Polish formula in previous post so I won’t do a full recap (review on Rouge Louboutin in this post here) but the quick take is these have a naturally glossy shine to them, smooth coverage and excellent wear. I have yet to try every single color of nail polish Louboutin makes, but from what I have tested, the Pops, Noirs and Rouge Louboutin have full opaque coverage. The Nudes have a mix of sheer coverage and full coverage formulas. You can read the full review on all 10 nudes in this post here.

Shown above for the Red Nail Extensions, from left to right:
  • EdgyPopi is described as a punchy orange-red that’s fun and flirty. It is my favorite color out of the three. It definitely packs a gorgeous punch of bright summery color that’s perfect for the tips and toes. It’s deeper and brighter than my other favorite Miss Loubi.
  • Lady Peep is a medium to deep raspberry red. It darkens on the nails to a dark raspberry shade. This one is a cream without shimmer and is also very pigmented and smooth.
  • Jazzy Doll is a stunning peony red pink that has a very subtle shimmer mixed in. It glimmers in direct sunlight. In natural light the shimmer is visible but it is more on the subtle side.

A look at all three shades and swatches. For reference each swatch image has two coats of polish applied. I also used the Formula X Base Coat and Nails Inc. Kensington Top Coat. First up is EdgyPopi which looks like a standard orange cream. Once on the hands I just can’t get over how pretty it is against olive skin. 


Lady Peep is a really pretty deep raspberry color. It’s medium deep which makes it more on the dramatic side but not too dark that it’s a vamp. It’s similar in vibe to Very Prive but Lady Peep is cooler in undertone and more raspberry.


Last but not least is Jazzy Doll which is one of the prettiest soft peony pink shimmers I’ve ever seen. The shimmer is very smooth and finely infused into the polish. It’s on the subtle side which gives it a more conservative edge to balance and out the brightness bright.

Swatched comparisons to a few other Louboutin Nail Polishes that I have, same set of colors in each comparison group, two different lighting variations:

One last group shot:
All three are gorgeous colors and absolutely perfect. I’ve been a fan of the Louboutin Nail Colours and have purchased quite a few shades. They are quite the splurge at $50 each (as in they may break the bank kind of splurge) but the formula and colors are really among the best I’ve tried. I’ve only been able to play with the Red Extensions for a week as the Louboutin team let me borrow them to review and photograph, but I have my nail wheel so I’m going to try and see if I can find any dupes in my stash before splurging on all three. That being said I’ve already added EdgyPopi to my online cart and expect to be a happy owner of the color very soon.
Have you checked out the new red shades yet? What do you think? Are any of these calling your name?

You can find the Red Nail Extensions starting this month at all Christian Louboutin retailers, online now at Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue, launching soon at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Christian Louboutin.

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  • Looks cool but I really don't like that sharp top!
    Beauty Candy Loves

    • They are pretty scary looking, my husband jokes he thinks it's a weapon in disguise haha!

  • Mine arrive tomorrow and I cannot wait. These look so pretty I don't know where to start first. Xx

  • All three are gorgeous. I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that they expect you to return them. LOL I mean, you give them promotion to your followers, and letting you keep them isn't exactly going to break the bank for them. I dunno. Just sounds weird. Anywho, great swatches as per usual! Thanks!

    • I expect they wanted them embargoed until they hit the press and stores on May 1st. I've noticed that Loubi Ltd Editions tend to arrive without a big razzmatazz and build up. As a consumer I only heard about these for the first time two days ago. Whereas a brand like Tom Ford I have a list planned of what I'm going to buy about 3 months before it's available.

    • Nicole

      Hmmm, I don't know about that one … all three shades were in stock at last week. I ordered all of them online last Monday and received them via FedEx by Thursday.

    • Cheryl

      ITA, very strange on their part. They can't afford to part with a few polishes for the promotion?

    • I was thinking the exact same thing;"borrow", REALLY Loubi???

    • Thanks Jocelyn, Cheryl and Kica – I was told samples were very limited. Was happy to try them out and share with my readers especially since I suspect many don't have in-person access to the Louboutin Beaute yet. For me the nearest store is a 1.5 hour drive away and none of the locations on the West Coast have the lipsticks yet.

      Hope if anything this at least helps those decide if they can't see in person first! Many brands are limited on samples and while I would have loved to keep them – I'm glad I could try before buying.


  • Lady peep please! Stunning.
    Happy May, Sabrina

    • I think it's gorgeous too!

  • I ordered Jazzy Doll already, will be purchasing the other two on Friday (payday). I own the full permanent collection already, so I'm happy to have more shades to play with.

    • Oh my goodness – YOU ARE MY HERO!!!

    • LOL, more like someone who tears up manis within 24 hours usually. I get 4-5 days out of CL polishes, so they're totally worth the investment IMO.

      I actually prefer the polishes to the lipsticks when it comes to quality compared to other high-end brands.

    • I completely agree – love the color/formula πŸ™‚

  • Kristina aka @cubicledweller

    Hi! Beautiful photos and review as always! I was wondering if Jazzy Doll looks anything Chanel Tentation? I have not yet purchased a CL polish, i was thinking i might start wth Jazzy. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kristina – I didn't have time to compare them, but shoot me an e-mail as a reminder if you have time, I'll try to pull them to compare.

    • I just got Jazzy Doll today. I didn't pull Tentation, but I did compare it to Dior Front Row (which is almost a complete dupe). It's much warmer.

      Jazzy Doll is closest to Tom Ford Trophy Wife in my 1300+ nail stash, best as I can tell. Tentation/Front Row is a cousin, not a sister. Hope this helps.

  • Oh my! They are so pretty. Lovely colors and finish. I am just hesitant with that tip so scary.

    • LOL – yes the tip is scary looking.

  • All three colors are pretty. Hope it would be long lasting too! I'm keen to try these. πŸ™‚

    • I didn't test these for a full week of wear, but in general all the Louboutin polishes I have last for a full week without tip wear or chipping.

  • You never fail to sell me on just about ANY nail polish you put on! And your manicure is the most impeccable I've ever seen.. what's you're secret!?

    • Thank you Michelle – I suspect I need to do an updated nail care post. All the nail swatches in this post were done by myself, it just takes lots of practice over time to get good even application. Three things I swear by are the Formula X Nail Cleanser, Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover and the Tweezerman Pushy stick.

  • Ana Samuel

    These look so stunning! You have the most perfect nails/hands/manicure, you can't do it yourself!

    • That is too sweet of you, yes I do most of the nail swatches on my hands featured on the blog on my own. I try to keep them nice-looking with professional salon manicures about once a month. The rest is at home/self up keep. I'll try to do an updated hand/nail care post soon.

  • I'm loving all three! but from the swatches at the end i think i *need* Miss Loubi in my collection! x

  • Amazing! I am so in love with these colours. Can I say you have some pretty manicured hands


  • Lorraince

    CL team let you "borrow them"- I have never heard of that arrangement. I can see why they'd want the shoes back but the polish? They should let you keep those, because they could be featured in future comparison posts, on new nail wheels! I don't know how many times I have seen comments of interest about polishes that were older releases that your amazing comparison posts have brought to our attention again. I am no marketing expert but I have to call this practice questionable. Well, I hope you let us know which ones you end up purchasing. They all look spectacular on you!