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Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes in Neutral Matte and Sultry Muse

April 12, 2016
I’ve been curious about Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes ($80 each for 24 g/0.84 oz, made in France) for quite some time (probably for a few years now) and finally splurged on my first in Sultry Muse and Neutral Matte two last month at The Makeup Show from the Muse Beauty Pro booth (haul + recap of the 2016 show in this post here). I purchased mine at a discount (most booths offer some kind of discount at these shows) and have been thrilled with both. Each palette has 12 eyeshadows which are extremely pigmented and smooth in finish. For quick reference you can find these palettes at a number of retailers online, the main ones I’ve shopped from include Beautylish, Sephora and Muse Beauty.Pro.

It took me a long time to splurge on these because of a few factors. I didn’t have in person access to these and although there are a number of excellent reviews online I wanted to test in person before splurging. I played with them for the first time at IMATS earlier this year but decided to wait and think about them. To date my favorite eyeshadow palettes are the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes for color, pigment and convenience – they have my favorite easy to wear neutrals and I feel they are priced reasonably. The Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes by comparison are a lot more expensive and the color palettes seem to be more for professional use for the pro makeup artist rather than for an everyday consumer like myself. The colors are beautiful but there are a few of the warmer tones I was hesitant about wearing. I decided to give these a chance and have no regrets. They are really quite amazing.

Up first is Viseart Neutral Matte. This has all matte neutrals with the exception of one burnt orange shade. I’m not one to wear anything orange makeup-wise but this particular color does amazing things when layered. I’ve learned from using a few of the Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscopes that the colors I consider odd look really amazing when layered over other shades. The shadows in the Netural Matte palette have a slightly harder texture than most other shadows I use but the pigment is excellent and they apply smoothly on the skin and blend flawlessly. By comparison the Urban Decay Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics are a lot softer in texture and are more on the neutral-cool side while the Viseart Neutral Matte. A look at the palette in two different light settings:

In direct sun, no flash:

Indoor natural light:

Descriptions by row, Top Row:

Medium caramel beige
Medium vanilla cream
Light beige with a slight pink tone
Pale white

Middle Row:

Cool bark brown
Burnt sienna orange
Medium warm brown
Neutral cool brown

Bottom Row:

Matte cool toned black
Dove blue grey
Cool grey
Cool-toned taupe


Texture and blendability are excellent – there are a lot of colors to choose from. I’ve been playing with this using 4-5 shades max at any given time. Long time readers know I’m not a fan of matte eyeshadows in general but these perform really well. I’ve found they work well over the Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Sticks (I love Rose Gold) or Edward Bess Illuminating Eyeshadow Base. They aren’t the kind I can use on a bare eye – there has to be some kind of prep or dewy primer to help the colors adhere but that is usually the case with any matte eyeshadow for me. Lasting power is excellent – they stay put from morning to late evening without fading or fall out.

Next up is Sultry Muse. This one has all shimmer eyeshadows – some are a tiny bit glittery while others are more of a frost. There were a few plum and warm pink tones I didn’t think I could pull off but when they are are layered with the other cooler tones the result is really quite pretty. Layering can create a wide range of looks. A look at the palette + descriptions and a quick eye look.

In direct sun + flash you can see the sparkle and glow:

Indoor natural light, no flash you can see the base and undertone better:

Top Row:
Shimmering white pearl
Shimmering medium tan beige
Pale champagne beige with tiny silver glitters
Sandy gold champagne with gold flecks
Middle Row:
Warm pink shimmer
Bronze shimmer
Shimmering orange
Warm plum rose shimmer
Bottom Row:
Sparkling cool silver
Shimmering soft rose
Gunmetal black shimmer
Shimmering soft yellow gold

Since some of these these have complex shimmers – colors can look different depending on how the light reflects. This palette looks different in so many different review posts – I think this shows how incredibly versatile it is because it works with a wide range of skintones to create truly unique looks. I have swatches with flash and without to show the complexity.

With flash:

No flash, natural light:

Quick eye look, no flash, in natural light. Shades used include the four shades in the middle row and the two middle shades from the top row to blend:

I give both of these a thumbs up and even though they have that professional makeup artist feel they are still wearable for everyday. That being said if you find 12 colors in a palette overwhelming or find any of the combinations have a few colors you might not wear at all, you might want to consider trying out the new Viseart Theory Palettes ($45 each) instead (online now at Muse Beauty.Pro, coming soon to Sephora). They have 6-pans each with 3 mattes and 3 shimmers, they come in a slightly different packaging, and the color themes make them more wearable for everyday. I just received mine that I pre-ordered at The Makeup Show and will have a review in the next week or so, but the texture is phenomenal, colors are on point, and they perform really well – but if you want to know right now if I prefer the 6 pan or the 12 pans, I will say right now that I prefer the packaging style of the 12 pans, but for the color selection if I had to pick, I prefer the 6 pans. I still think Sultry Muse is excellent though.
For application I tested a number of brushes and found natural hair brushes work the best, at least for me. Synthetics work on the shimmers if you dip the brush and pat on the lids, but if you apply in sweeping motions the natural hair brushes pick up pigment the best. Ones I really like include the MAC 239, Wayne Goss 18, Wayne Goss 6 and Wayne Goss 30.
Both the Sultry Muse and Neutral Matte offer a good mix of colors to create a wide variety of wearable looks for day or night. If you’re looking for a palette of eyeshadows that aren’t too neutral but at the same time aren’t too bold, these offer a good in-between option. Each offers a good mix of warm and cool shades which I think makes these extremely versatile to wear with a number of lip and cheek combinations. If I had to pick one I would say since I prefer shimmer eyeshadows Sultry Muse wins as my favorite.
You can find the Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes for $80 each at a number of retailers online, including Beautylish, Sephora and Muse Beauty.Pro. Have you tried Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes before? If so which ones have you tried and what did you think?

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  • Deb

    I have the Neutral Matte and Paris Nudes in these palettes. They are some of the best I've ever used and that's in comparison to other great shadows like Rouge Bunny Rouge, Tom Ford, etc. I'm no professional in anything makeup related but you really can't mess these up!

    • Hi Deb! I can't believe it took me so long to try these out, I agree they are really great palettes! Paris Nudes is so pretty πŸ™‚

  • I think they are little too warm for me but I love the finishes.

    • I can see that – I thought they would be too warm for me too but they ended up working well πŸ™‚ There are a couple cool-toned 6 pan options you might want to check out.

  • I've been so curious about these, and I'm glad they have come out with a more affordable and smaller palette. When it gets to Sephora I just may grab Minx; it looks really gorgeous.

    • Me too! Sephora.com just launched them if you're VIB/VIB Rouge you can take advantage of the discount today!

  • I'd love to see you review tarte's rainforest of the sea eyeshadow palette. Grab it soon because its limited ed. I think it would look great on you because it suits your skin tone.

    • That one is on my wishlist but I have so many neutral palettes it's hard for me to justify another one. I know I need to act fast on it if I decide to get it though. Will keep you posted πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Sabrina, you're eyes have never looked lovelier! These palettes really agree with you! I would have to disagree slightly with you about the "splurge" part about these — had I gotten these before ANY of my Tom Ford quads, for sure I would not have as many TF as I do now. While the Viseart shadows (and packaging) come off as more "pro MUA" I love that I can see immediately what colors I will get (the TF you really have to open up each quad to see which is which in the blur of the morning rush or when you're getting ready for a night out for some event or function).

    One TF quad is $80. One Viseart Palette of 12 shadows is $80…I mean, it's kind of a no-brainer, don't you agree? Don't get me wrong, I love my TF shadows, but if I had to choose between the TF and Viseart, it would be Viseart.

    I have also found that both my synthetic and natural hair brushes work equally well for my Viseart palettes. I own almost every single one now . . . including the Editorial Brights which I haven't dared use yet but I am hoping somehow their blendability will make them highly functional like that one weirdly orange color one in the Neutral Mattes palette (I completely agree with you on that) which I never thought I would use and never had anything that color in my collection prior, but it's one I use often now.

    The palette I got most recently that I have been using a lot as well is the Dark Mattes – I think you might want to consider getting that as it's really workable for the spring and summer with their amazing blending capabilities! I have received so many compliments when I wore that palette (a few of the more autumnal darker shades like the navy and the violet blended out with some from the Neutral Mattes palette).

    Side note you just got a mention on the @viseart IG page πŸ™‚ BRAVA!

    This company makes really exceptional shadows and I am relatively new to the whole eye shadow game, but they make it so easy and nearly fool proof. Don't get me wrong, I own a bunch of WNW palettes as well, but nothing compares to the staying power and ease of use of these palettes. When you consider, for example, the new Ribbons Boheme palette and couple that with say the Neutral Mattes, the Dark Mattes, and the Paris Nudes, for example, you will literally own near dupes of the high end quads and quints released by brands like TF, Dior, Chanel etc. and get MORE product per dollar just minus all the pretty packaging and less product. Do you not agree?

    I think the Paris Nudes palette would look equally lovely on you – and I bet you get sent the Dark Mattes – it has two great neutral shades in the top left corner that I think you would love. No, I do not work for them in any capacity, but I am sure they will read this and hopefully send you the rest of their palettes for you to review. I'm cheering for you that they do!

    In any case, excellent review as always! Thank you for all your hard work and lovely images and continued excellence and success with your wonderful blog!



    • Thank you so much for the kind words πŸ™‚ Also thanks for the tips on synthetic vs natural brushes, I will have to experiment more with the ones I have.

      I don't know that I can say any of the shades in the new 6-pans are dupes yet, I haven't pulled anything to compare but yes the texture is phenomenal.

      Glad you liked the post πŸ™‚ I considered buying Paris Nudes but it has purples that I don't like to wear. I found the new 6-pans better suited to what I could see myself wearing everyday. Still so many people rave about it – maybe the next makeup tradeshow I go to I'll check it out πŸ™‚

    • Sara

      I totally agree with this commenter.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and I forgot to add:

    V E R Y I M P O R T A N T for your readers interested in Viseart Palettes, the site, frendsbeauty often has sales on those wonderful palettes!!! They sell the palettes for $80 regularly but every now and then, like a few times a year, they will mark down the palettes to $54.99 or something like that…so it's truly a no-brainer given the exceptional quality! And they have a Cool Mattes palette as well for those who prefer the cooler tones.

    I also bought their lip palettes – I was curious if you happened to do that as well and if so if you were going to review them. I would love to know what you think.

    Thanks, again, Sabrina!



    • I passed on the lip palettes – they looked very tempting but in general I find they get messy really fast and I don't always carry a lip brush with me, lol.

  • JDV

    So glad to see more matte options, seems like until the last year or two you could only get maybe 1 or 2 colors tossed into the middle of a sea of sparkle. Now if we could get a cooler palette…

    • Have you checked out the Viseart Cool Mattes? It's got a mix of some non-neutral colors but the overall theme is cool-toned. Otherwise you might also want to look into the Urban Decay Naked Basics or Naked2 Basics for cool-toned neutral mattes.

  • Check this out: https://intothegloss.com/2015/11/neutral-makeup-looks/
    He uses that crazy orange color from the matte palate and it is beautiful. I hve tried those exact two colors he uses and they are just as nice in real life. When I first saw that color I thought "no way" but it is actually quite wearable.

  • Check this out: https://intothegloss.com/2015/11/neutral-makeup-looks/
    He uses that crazy orange color. I have tried these exact two colors he uses and they look really great in real life. When I first saw this color I thought "no way" since I don't wear much beyond the standard neutrals but the orange is actually a lot more friendly than it looks.

  • Your brows look great. Where do you get them groomed?

    • This totally made my day because I feel like my brows are the worst! I don't do much grooming although I probably should up my brow game. I am ashamed to say I trim them with scissors that should best be used on construction paper or opening cardboard boxes.

  • These palettes are just so, so stunning and definitely seem worth the higher price point! I wear almost exclusively matte shadows, so I'm happy to see a lot of matte in here! x


    • I agree they are really stunning πŸ™‚

  • I agree with Anonymous–Wow! Your eyes look gorgeous, Sabrina. Beautiful colors in beautiful finishes on a beautiful woman πŸ™‚ That warm, diffused smokiness is perfect on you.

    In general, I don't care much for very large palettes. There are usually just too many colors that won't get much love to make them worthwhile for me (4-6 colors is my sweet spot). I can very easily understand their allure, though. They appeal to the artist in us and encourage us to experiment wth new colors.

    • Thank you Eileen – I agree 4-6 colors is my sweet spot too. Part of the reason why it took me so long to splurge. I think the newer 6-pan options are much more wearable and easy to apply.

  • Great review! Although both palettes are lovely in their own right, sultry muse is calling my name! πŸ™‚