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Tom Ford Soleil Collection – Moisturecore Lip Colors

April 2, 2016

There are six shades of Moisturecore Lip Color ($55 each) from the Tom Ford Soleil Collection this summer. These come in luminous glowing fresh colors perfect for spring to summer – but really you can wear these year round. These are described as:

Two exclusive formulas in one innovative lip product. In the center, a liquid core infused with passion fruit oil provides luxurious moisture in a pink pop of color throughout every Moisturecore Lip Color shade. A luminous lip color encases the core, infused with an exotic blend of melon fruit extract, murumuru butter and plant derived esters that conditions lips. Sprinkled with subtle gold pearl to complement bronzed, summer skin. Shades, ranging from sandy nude to rosy mauve, provide a soft veil of lightweight, long-lasting color.

The center of each lip color is identical which is a sheer melon pink color that blends seamlessly with the outer colors of each tube. The packaging is the same size as the Lip Color Shines – they come in a slim twist up tube but with this season’s white and gold packaging. Since the formula has the word “moisture” in the name I expected an ultra hydrating lip color – they do have a moist slightly glossy finish with a cushiony lush feeling but I didn’t find them as moisturizing as a traditional lip treatment. I actually feel the Ultra-Rich Lip Colors are more hydrating on my lips.

Pigment is medium but buildable. They covered the lip entirely with the exception of Scandola and Otranto which I found a bit sheerer. You’ll see in the lip swatches below that the colors do show up but there is a slight transparent quality in the shimmer which makes my natural lip color show through a bit. There is a slight vanilla scent but it’s very subtle and disappears after a few  minutes.

Top row, left to right: Scandola, Carriacou, Mustique
Bottom row, left to right: Pipa, Cala di Volpe, Otranto
At first swipe some of these colors felt on the dry side. The colors do all get better after the initial top layer of the lipstick is worn down and after the first swipe I had no issues with any of them. They all had very good smooth application without any streaks or patches. Lasting power is medium with these. As with any lipstick that has a shine finish they usually don’t last as long as a matte or long-wear lipstick but the Moisturecore Lip Colors still last a relatively long time. They don’t disappear immediately like some other sheers do, by comparison I find they last longer than Rouge Dior Baumes but not quite as long as the Chanel Rouge Coco Stylos. By comparison to other Tom Ford formulas, the Moisturecore Lip Colors last longer than the Lip Color Shines but not quite as long as the regular Lip Colors.

The colors are all on point for neutral lip lovers who want something that isn’t a beige nude. The only color I feel slightly off about is Cala di Volpe – it’s such a pretty copper in the tube but on my lips it turns almost orangey. Color descriptions, close ups and swatches:
Scandola is a sheer golden nude shimmer
Carriacou is a soft peachy pink
Mustique is a cool baby pink that is surprisingly wearable
Pipa is a gorgeous medium bright pink melon
Cala di Volpe is a shimmering copper
Otranto is a shimmering plum





Quick look with Golden Peach Eye Duo (reviewed here), Bi-Coastal Sheer Cheek Duo (both colors swirled and blended together, review soon) and Pipa Lip Color:

Cala di Volpe:


All the colors swatched side by side:

I give all of the colors a thumbs up – they are really pretty wearable colors. If I had to skip any, I would say Scandola and Carriacou are similar on my lips but do note I have pigmented lips so Scandola will most likely show up more close to the arm swatch on you. Cala di Volpe is not something I would wear a lot right now – in the lip swatch it may be hard to tell but it pulls orangey against my complexion right now. It will probably be better for me when I have more of a tan. The others are all winners.

Formula-wise I don’t know that I would say the moisture core has enough noticeable benefits to justify the higher price tag (they are priced slightly higher than the other Tom Ford lipsticks). Still for me the price is not a deal breaker as I think the quality is there and formula is very good. Colors are all up my alley and ones I can see myself wearing everyday for either day or night. If you’re wondering whether I prefer the Moisturecore or the Ultra-Rich formulas (both new for summer), I will say I like the Ultra-Rich formula better but the Moisturecore range has colors that are more of what I am comfortable wearing.

You can find the Tom Ford Moisturecore Lip Colors for $55 each at Tom Ford counters and stores now. Also online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s and Tom Ford.

Have you checked out the summer collection yet? What did you think?
Press samples include four shades Carriacou, Mustique, Cala di Volpe and Pipa. The other two options Scandola and Otranto purchased by me.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi, separate topic but I notice you usually have a candle in the background of photos / have done a few reviews over the years. Could you review which candles smell best when lit / your favorite brands and scents?

    Love the Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs reviews!!!

    • Hi Anonymous – what a great idea! I guess I've never really done a home fragrance round up! Will try to put one together in the next week or so πŸ™‚

  • Pipa is my favorite – it looks lovely on you with that blush!

    • Thank you Lori! Pipa is a winner πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    These are all stunning on you, just beautiful! I like Pipa and from yesterday's post Le Mepris. TF did a great job with this.
    Have a nice weekend.

    • Thank you so much Tanja!!! xoxo

  • These are really beautiful lipsticks, I especially love Scandola!

    • They are colors I want to wear everyday πŸ™‚

  • This collection is stunning, lovely post!

    • Thank you Chloe! I really love this collection.

  • Well I've narrowed it down to Otranto and Pipa thanks to your pictures Sabrina. I really appreciate these photos as I think you have caught the detail beautifully. That last picture of Otranto you've even managed to catch the sparkle and gleam. Amazing! Xx

    • Awww thanks Amanda! I think Carriacou will look really good on your complexion too πŸ™‚

  • Oh my goodness some of these shades are to die for! Now I am considering buying some of the Tom Ford Summer line.

    • I hope you treat yourself!!

  • These translate onto the lips with such a lustrous sheen. All the colors are simply beautiful on you, but I think, for summer, Pipa is my favorite. I love a more vibrant, fruit punchy type of color when the weather heats up. It just seems so fun. I instantly think of drinks with little umbrellas! LOL Seriously, though, TF does that kind of tropical color so well and you wear it beautifully.

    • Thank you Eileen! I agree Pipa is my favorite – bright and summery without being too bright. I think it will stunning on fairer skintones too πŸ™‚

    • Oops – meant to say "look stunning"!

  • OMG!!! They are so pretty. From the packaging to the colors it has. I am eyeing on that Cala di Volpe.

    • They are indeed pretty! Would love to hear what you think about Cala di Volpe if you are able to try it out!

  • Christina

    These look beautiful on you, especially Pipa! I tend to stick to more neutral colors, so Scandola and Carriacou are my favorites, but Pipa looks so fresh on you that I think it might work for me as well.

    • Thank you Christina – Carriacou is a good neutral.

  • Pipa and Otranto are my favorites!

    • I think all the colors are great πŸ™‚

  • Are these products Gluten Free? I am definately intrested in the lipsticks!