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Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 7 The Social Butterfly // Neiman Marcus Exclusive

February 4, 2016

Marc Jacobs Beauty just recently launched the beauty line at Neiman Marcus. It appears they have the full line of products online, I haven’t spotted anything in store yet, but I suspect it will launch in a few select locations to start (if you’ve spotted it at your local Neimans please share in the comments!). As a huge fan of Marc Jacobs Beauty I was thrilled to find a new eyeshadow palette in the Style Eye-Con No. 7 called The Social Butterfly ($59 for 7 g/0.247 oz) which is exclusive to Neiman Marcus. I ordered it as soon I saw it and it made a quick sneak peek appearance on my Instagram here. Today I have swatches + thoughts to share. As a neutral eyeshadow lover this one does not disappoint and conservative eyeshadow wearers will be happy to know it’s glitter-free. The pigment is super rich and soft with this one, similar in texture to many of the other Style Eye-Con No. 7 Palettes. There is a slightly powdery kick up with these shades when you dip your brush into the palette, but the colors apply easily on the lids, blend well and they stay put.

I will call this a neutral warm smokey eyeshadow palette, althought it has a few cool-toned colors. The overall effect gives a unique natural eye look but you can use the darker shades to intensify the color for a more soft smoldering dramatic effect. Urban Decay Naked Smoky pulled on the cool-side for me overall. The Social Butterfly by Marc Jacobs Beauty is a warmer smokey palette and has a more conservative feel. It comes in a small buttoned pouch just like the other palettes. I don’t store them in these but they are nice to have if you travel, it will keep the outside from getting scratched if it’s stored in a travel bag with other makeup items.

The colors from left to right in the palette are:

  • Matte cream, this is a shade lighter than my natural skintone, it works as a good evening base color, or you can use it as the last step to softly buff any harsh edges from other shades
  • Matte tan, this looks neutral, it pulls a bit warm on me, but it’s not orangey or too warm, pigment is excellent
  • Shimmering golden sand, this one has slight olive tones (very very slight) in it, I suspect it pulls that way because of my olive skin, on the eyes it pulls more true to pan
  • Soft shimmering lavender, most readers know I am not a fan of light purples on my eyes, they often look odd on my skin and give me a pink-eye look but this one is so so beautiful, it’s a soft shade that I think is my favorite, it adds a pop of color to the eyes in a pretty and unexpected way
  • Shimmering warm taupe, my favorite kind of eyeshadow color, this one is stunning
  • Matte brown, this one is best used with a detail brush, it blends well, but if you dip a large shadow brush and try to blend, it will look blotchy
  • Dark intense black with tiny flecks of gold shimmer, also best used with a detail brush
Close ups and then swatches:

Bottom line a classic that I will get regular use out of. It’s a very pretty neutral palette that will give a natural smokey eye look. It’s easy to use and layer the colors together. You don’t need use all seven shades at once, I usually use 5 colors at the most, but layering them does allow you to add depth and more dimension. Although this is different from the Dior Eye Reviver palettes (reviewed here and here), I can’t help but feel that Marc Jacob’s The Social Butterfly is what I wanted those palettes to be. I highly recommend that you check it out. I like that the colors are all neutrals and that each color looks distinctly different on the eyes. With some neutral palettes all the colors can often look the same once swatched.

For quick reference if you’re new to Marc Jacobs Beauty, here are a few other reviews I’ve done in the past linked below including all the Style Eye-Con No. 7 Palettes I own (or you can click the Marc Jacobs Beauty tag at the bottom of this post).

Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquers (all shades swatched)
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You can find Marc Jacobs Beauty products now at Neiman Marcus, Marc Jacobs Beauty and Sephora. The Social Butterfly Palette is exclusive to Neiman Marcus.

Do you have any Marc Jacobs Beauty favorites? 

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  • I love Marc Jacobs eyeshadows and this one looks gorgeous!


  • This just be my first Marc Jacobs eye-con purchase! Love it!!

  • I know I need more neutral / smokey eye palettes like a hole in the head but finally we have Marc Jacobs Beauty on this side of the pond in Harrods and the eye palettes are exactly the where I am going to start. They look so tasteful, classic and well thought out. Xx

    • Hahahahaa …. you and me both.

  • This is such an amazing palette, especially that lilac shade!


    • It surprised me! Love it and I usually don't like lilac eyeshadows.

  • I love that light lavender color for spring.

  • Believe it or not, I have yet to try a Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette, but this just might be the one to change all that πŸ™‚ By the way, Sabrina, that lavender shade actually makes the rich brown of your eyes glow. Very pretty, indeed!

    • Thanks Eileen – I do think you need to try one! The Social Butterfly has a gorgeous neutral mix of colors.

  • Wow this palette is stunning, love the pop of lavender.

    chloΓ©βŽͺ status.chlo

    • I agree – it surprised me because it looks more like a dusty mauve in the pan. It's a winner!

  • Anonymous

    Delurking… just to say hello and what a goegeous look with the warm neutrals plus soft lavender. It looks so chic and not boring. Thanks for your blog.

    • LOL! I love neutrals, I know they can be boring, but yes this one is neutral without being too nude/neutral.

  • I just bought this! Now after seeing your swatches, I'm doubly glad I did! Looks beautiful – can't wait to try it on!

    • Did you receive yours yet? What did you think?

  • Christina

    Ooh, this is a pretty palette. I don't have a single Marc Jacobs palette and only have their eye liners (shocking!). That lavender shade, though, is just too pretty to pass up!

  • Simply stunning. I don't own any MJ palettes but this one would be a great introduction for me. Good thing Beauty Week at NM is just around the corner πŸ™‚

    • Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this one!

  • These colours are just gorgeous!


  • Ellemdn

    Four great light warm neutrals and three that are too cool for me. Wish thid one and Lolita could have a baby, then I would have my perfect palette!

    • LOL I feel that way with so many palettes.