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Tom Ford Lips and Boys Preview Event + Beauty Look Book Picks

December 28, 2015

Tom Ford Beauty launched 25 new shades of Lips and Boys Lip Colors ($35 each) alongside 25 re-promoted colors from last year. I was fortunate to attend a preview event with my friend Rae from the RaeViewer last month at the boutique in Beverly Hills. If you haven’t visited the store before and are ever in the area I recommend stopping by – it’s beautiful inside! At the event there were small displays of lipstick testers scattered throughout the store. Rae and I had the best time searching the store for the new shades. At the event I picked out 6 colors (3 were gifted) – it was hard not to buy the remaining colors because they were all stunning! I did a bit of research over the next week and ordered 6 more. In total I’ve ended up with 12 of the new shades and am beyond thrilled with them.

First a few thoughts, impressions and more preview pictures of the store event. The 25 new shades launched this year all seem more shimmery compared to last year’s launch. Most have a smooth shimmer, a few had sparkly chunks (some of the deeper brights). Out of all the ones that caught my eye, only one is a cream (Austin). The finish of the shimmers is smooth and creamy. Smooth like the Lip Sheers but with more pigment and color payoff. The good news is all the colors are permanent!

Repromoted shades include (swatches of my last year’s picks here):

Addison, Alejandro, Beau, Cary, Collin, Flynn, Giacomo, Guillermo, Henry, Holden, Ian, James, Julian, Justin, Leonardo, Liam, Luciano, Michael, Pablo, Patrick, Rafael, Richard, Starvos, Wes, Xavier

Newly launched colors are:

Alex, Ansel, Austin, Daniel, David, Demsey, Derek, Drake, Eddie, Egon, Eric, Hiro, Jake, Jay, Joaquin, Jude, Kingston, Louis, Malik, Roberto, Rocco, Roman, Theo, Tony, Vladimir

A few more snapshots of the beautiful store, could an evening of playing with lipstick, champagne and small bites be more fun?

My picks, mostly neutrals of course with a couple brighter shades. Left to right below is Ansel, Austin, Daniel, Demsey, Drake, Eddie, Egon, Eric, Jake, Jude, Malik and Vladimir.

Descriptions of each of the colors and then a few close ups:

  • Ansel is a shimmering bright but neutral pink
  • Austin is a creamy nude pink (lighter than Addison/Pink Dusk)
  • Daniel is a mauve neutral shimmer
  • Demsey is a warm peachy shimmer (less frost and more peach compared to William/Sweet Mystery)
  • Drake is a shimmering cool mauve plum with silver shimmer
  • Eddie is a neutral beige shimmer
  • Egon is a cool beige shimmer
  • Eric is a medium warm rose, on me it pulls very warm
  • Jake is a medium rosy shimmer pink
  • Jude is a cool-toned light baby pink
  • Malik is a complex mauve pink with gold shimmer
  • Vladimir is a cool taupe nude shimmer
A few more close ups and swatches:

For skintone reference, I’m wear Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation in Bisque 4 (swatches of all colors here, review + comparisons of shade 4 here):

In case you’re wondering how the new neutrals compare to other colors, I pulled some other Tom Ford shades to compare by color grouping. There are a couple repeats in some sets. Many of these I’ve swatched before. I’ll link the previous reviews where applicable for reference. Below are six sets of comparison swatches.

My desktop clutter:


Lips and Boys in Peter was discontinued but replaced with Lip Color in Sweet Mystery
Lips and Boys in Orlando was discontinued








As a huge fan of Tom Ford lip colors in general, I’m smitten with the new colors. I think for the neutrals there’s a lot to love. I like that there are new neutrals that aren’t repeats of other existing colors. I didn’t pay too much attention to the deeper shades or brights but from what I remember swatching in the store – there is a lot that looks different from last year’s launch. From this year’s new batch of colors, my top picks:


The Lips and Boys launched this year are permanent so the good news is there’s no rush to run out and purchase a color for fear it will sell out. They retail for $35 each, or you can find some colors in the 10 Piece Set for $350 or all 50 Shades in a set for $1,950. Available at Tom Ford Boutiques and counters. Online at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdale’s.

Did you pick up any of the new shades this year?

Three of the Lips and Boys shades featured were gifted, the remaining purchased by me.

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  • The packaging of these lipsticks look amazing!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • They are amazing! They're soooo cute I die.

  • Looks like a fun night and what a comprehensive review of the swatches and colours! thank you, hope you had a wonderful year.

    • Glad you liked the swatches! Yes it was a fun evening ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

  • Every one of these shades looks absolutely gorgeous!


  • I ended up with Drake, Joaquin, Jay, and Rocco. I tried to restrain myself from getting more since I've still got a bunch that I haven't even worn down the tubes from the first set. I told myself that I will only stick to these TF lips and boys as my lipstick purchases for the year.

    • Ahhh great picks!! Yes I can imagine it's hard to restrain yourself from buying more, I think it shows great restraint to purchase 4 and also to limit yourself to these for the entire year!

  • I bought Drake because I got caught up in the drama on launch but I have to say I am very much in the minority with Lips & Boys because I just cannot get used to the size of the 2g. It just feels so unsubstantial. I really would rather pay the extra for the 3g. I finally treated myself to Bruised Plum & Crimson Noir as I have debated whether I could carry that depth of colour off but hey if I can do Louboutin Rouge Lips Crimson Noir should be easy enough but it is out of my comfort zone. I do hope the ten piece Lips & Boys found it's way to your Christmas tree Sabrina. Love the look of the TF store……one of my TF ladies told me that TF's favourite flower is the Peony and that all standalone's always have fresh peonies. Xx

  • Wow, these all look super gorgeous! If they weren't so expensive, I'd have one in every colour haha! Amazing post, thanks for sharing xx

    Ciara Rose |

    • Yes they are pricey but I think worth every penny!

  • Gorgeous, all of yours suit you so well! I'm amazed you are able to pull off Vladimir. I got Daniel, Jake and Drake and I couldn't be happier. They are all very wearable to me and I love them. I had to laugh; on your second to last picture I have all the colours except Blake. I guess I love that colour range LOLOL!

    • Thank you Bella ๐Ÿ™‚ Vladimir is borderline almost too cool. Blake is a great one! I suspect this year's Derek is similar, but I didn't get it to compare.

      Love your picks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sabrina thank you for the review and the swatches! Especially adding the comparison of colors from the last L and B's.

    Because it was a LE and I had to order without trying them, I only ordered Julian last year. And I love him, but haven't wore him much because I needed to be able to search and swatch from him. I think TF lipsticks are the best in th market (Buxom second) so I am soooo happy he made these permanent so I can go ahead and wear Julian!

    Based on your fantastic switching of old, new and other formulas, I will be purchasing some next week when I'm at niemans. It's crazy but when I get to the make up counters even when I have a list of what I need, I get overwhelmed and second guess my original choices and either end up with way more purchased or not much at all.

    Thanks for all you do to make your blog my go to for beauty, style and gorgeous photography ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Hi Karen – glad you liked the swatches! I try to go to the counter with lists too, it rarely works and I often get distracted lol.

      Thanks for following along ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love the color of Drake but I haven't pulled the trigger!

    • I adore Drake! Such a good color.

  • Thanks so much for posting the comparison swatches. I only bought two so far this year, Eric and Joaquin. I've been mulling over Jake, Drake, Daniel and Malik and it helps to see them in comparison to other colors. The SA at my local Neiman's keeps saying these are limited and to hurry up and buy the ones I want. So glad to know these are permanent and that the sold out colors will be returning (I'm looking at you, Drake.)

    • Hi Tatiana – glad the comparison swatches helped! I hope Drake comes back in stock soon!

      I always get conflicting info on the limited-edition vs permanent status. I've been told from the TF team they are permanent.

  • Anonymous

    Wow how pretty are these and the packaging…swoon. Once again, a thorough review with beautiful pictures.

    Would you ever consider doing a post on your make-up/skin care organization? things like storage of everything, how you log all of your items, stuff like that? I'm always impressed by your knowledge of new vs. old products, colors, formulas, etc. and that has to come with a great system. I'd love a 'behind the scenes' look. Like Karen said above, your blog is my go-to for photos, swatches and reviews. Thank you! Mary

    • I also would love to know what Sabrina uses for storage, how she catalogues what she has. How she even remembers what she has. I struggle with my own pieces and have nothing like the back catalogue. I think a behind the scenes blog would be fascinating.

    • kelly

      oh yes, this would be a fantastic post!

    • My goal is to get things organized this year and show a behind the scenes look, but I'm very private with my personal life and home. Perhaps this year!

  • Oh, Sabrina! You are absolutely the best! Your layouts and photographic skills combined with your reviews and comparison swatches put you in a league of your own ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done!

    I purchased Drake, Daniel, and Jake for starters. I have the feeling that Drake, of all the new boys, is the "It" color–at least for winter. It is such a gorgeous shade and is unusual while still being easy to wear. Whenever I wear it, I feel elegant yet a bit vampy. TF struck gold with his Lips & Boys concept.

    • Awwww thank you Eileen! You are too sweet. Love love love your picks! Drake definitely does seem to be the it color for winter. Love the color and name ๐Ÿ™‚ Vampy but not too dark.

  • Thank you for your excellent review and swatches…as usual, your are the best source for excellent information! I lagged behind with this release…waiting for the Drake restock, and I'll have to decide about a few more.

    • I hope it restocks soon! Glad you liked the review + swatches ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Your blog is always so beautiful Sabrina! Do you still keep up the styled notes blog? I couldn't find it.

  • I haven't picked up any yet but Drake and Daniel are definitely calling my name. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm still working on my other 3 from the first release.

    • I'm still working on some from the first release too, but I can't resist TF when it comes to makeup!

  • What a fabulous event! I think with my skin tone, I'll have to check out Drake.

    • I think Drake would be perfect for you!

  • kelly

    gorgeous photos – as always, but they look especially great on this post. i love reading your blog, i hope you had a lovely christmas and a very happy 2016.

    • Thank you Kelly! Happy new year to you and best wishes for 2016 to you as well!

  • I can't get past how shimmery they are…