Spring Scent Rotation

May 5, 2015

Today I have a roundup of some of my favorite spring fragrances for right now. I have a mix of newly released fragrances alongside some classic staples. Purchasing fragrance is something I used to be so intimidated by. I found the options overwhelming and didn’t understand notes. When shopping I always used to say, “I prefer something light.” These days I’m not as timid in trying fragrances although I do prefer scent that are on the light fresh and floral side, sometimes with a bit of spice or amber mixed in. I think the best way to shop with fragrance is with a friend so they can give you a second opinion on the spot. It’s something that can take time – if you’re like me your nose can probably only take so many sniffs in one session. I like to browse reviews or new releases online and often make a smell list and take it to the counters with me. What I’m loving right now listed below. 

Diptyque Florabellio Eau de Toilette is a mix of apple blossom, sea salt, fennel, apricot-scented osmanthus mist and a hint of coffee. It’s a sweet floral with a very slight musk feel. I like that it’s light and refreshing and sweet but not too sweet. The coffee and sea salt give this one a bit of a more complex feel and prevents it from being too floral. Full review here.

Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino Eau de Parfum is the latest from Tom Ford and is new for summer. I have been a huge fan of the Mandarino di Almalfi for a bright citrus. I have a small decant of the first one released Neroli Portofino which is a stronger and deeper version. All three have a very similar vibe. The Mandarino is the brightest and most citrus. Neroli has more musk making it more unisex. The latest Fleur de Portofino has White Acacia Honey in it which gives it a more feminine feel and makes it less citrusy (but the citrus is still noticeable).

L’Occitane Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc Eau de Toilette is the latest addition to the La Collection de Grasse line. It’s described as a velvety iris and has a mix of both blue and white iris. This one is predominantly floral and is very sweet. Lasting power and strength seems to be much stronger than the other fragrances from the line. It’s a fragrance that feels like pure spring. It’s also available in some cute sets like the Mini Fragrance Set, Iris Bleu and Blanc Duo, and the Iris Bleu and Blanc Collection Set.

Chanel Beige Les Exclusifs de Chanel is my husband’s current favorite on me. It took me forever to splurge on a bottle and I can see myself wearing this one for many years to come. It’s described as having “Hawthorn, Freesia and Frangipani, with shimmering hints of honey” and I can’t think of better words to describe it. It’s the perfect floral and honey mix. The honey isn’t overpowering so it’s not overly powdery or sweet. Full review here.

L’Artisan Mûre Et Musc is my husband’s second favorite and one of my top picks in terms of fragrance. I bought this based on the recommendation of one of my long-time friends Laura. She’s a fragrance aficionada and my go-to when it comes to fragrance recommendations. It’s my most repurchased scent. I always try to buy the smaller 50 ml size even though the 100 ml size is a better buy. This is one of the few sweet blackberry scents I can wear without getting a headache or feeling like I am wearing a fruit smoothie. It has a mix of black berries, red berries and musk. The musk is pretty strong in this one it dries down to a soft feel. If you like blackberry scents you might also want to look into Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay. I prefer the L’Artisan because it’s not as sharp or sweet.

Tom Ford Shimmering Body Oil isn’t a traditional fragrance but I’m completely in love with this one. I don’t typically like shimmer or glitters but this body oil smells so incredible I am doing everything I can to make it work. This sprays a fine mist of tiny glitter particles but it’s not overly glitzy. The body oil has a mix of white florals and amber sandalwood which I love in scents. My husband prefers florals on me rather than sandalwood or amber and this is the first scented product I’ve found that he approves of on me. It smells like summer in a bottle.

Byredo Black Saffron is another fragrance that has been on my wish list for ages. I bought this at Neiman Marcus Fashion Island which has the best Byredo counter I’ve been to. They are super friendly, patient and don’t pressure you to buy anything. I like that they take the time to walk you through the fragrance options. Black Saffron is another berry scent that I can wear. The notes in this one are complex with the top notes: Pomelo, saffron, juniper berr, heart notes: Black violet, accord cuir, cristal rose
and base notes: Blond woods, raspberry, vetiver. I have the travel size vials on my wish list.

Do you have a go-to scent this spring? I’d love to hear about your tried-and-true staples or any new discoveries. I’m always looking for recommendations!

The L’Occitane and Diptyque scents were provided as courtesy press samples for review consideration. All others purchased by me.

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  • The Tom Ford shimmer oil is gorgeous! I love Chloe all year round, especially spring

    • Ooh, which Chloe one is your favorite?

  • I've been meaning to try anything by Diptyque. That perfume sounds fantastic; my spring choice would be Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    • Ahhh, Light Blue is such a classic!

  • These are all lovely!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • My spring favorites are Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle, Fluer de Louis by Arquiste, Hiris by Hermes, Eau de Marveilles by Hermes and Rose Ikebana by Hermes. Thank you for sharing your favorites….as you can tell I love perfume too!

    • Oooh Carnal Flower is one of my all time favorites as well. I'll have to check out the others you listed – I've been looking into Hermes and found all the options overwhelming. I've been smelling them 2 at a time each time I go into the store which is taking a while so I'll definitely check out the ones you suggested – thank you!

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    How's the longevity of the Tom Ford citrus family of fragrances?

    • I find all of Tom Ford's fragrances to be really long lasting. On me it lasts all day from early morning until late afternoon. It definitely starts to fade by the 3rd-4th hour but I can still smell it on the skin. It doesn't disappear or absorb into my skin as quickly as say Diptyque or Jo Malone.

  • I have not tried any of these. My go-to fragrance year round is Chanel No 5 Eau Première x

    • Chanel No 5 is such a gorgeous one!

  • My spring favorites are Tom Ford Shaghai Lily, Tom Ford Fleur de Chine, Tom Ford Violet Blond, Tocca Giulietta, and Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur spring, summer, autumn, and winter :-). When the weather really heats up, I like scents like Tom Ford Rive D'Ambre.

    • Fleur de Chine is gorgeous, but I prefer Lys Fume for the lily.

    • Ahhh, all those Tom Ford fragrances are so so so gorgeous! Rive D'Ambre is amazing!!

    • Hi Annikky,

      I finished my Lys Fumé several months back. I should order another bottle during Nordstrom's triple points 🙂 The sensual smokiness of Lys Fumé really sets it apart from the typical floral scent. Love it!

  • I must get my hands on that TF oil! I'm one of those who prefers Blackberry & Bay to Mure et Musc, it wears very nicely on me. Some of my spring favourites are Frederic Malle En Passant, Guerlain Apres l'Ondee, Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist and Hermes Eau de Narcisse Bleu. But I've also been wearing Jo Malone Birch & Black Pepper and Byredo Pulp a lot, although they probably don't exactly seem typical spring fragrances to most people.

    • I hope you get the oil soon! It's so lovely. En Passant is such a good one from Frederic Malle. I have the mini vials but it's taken me forever to use them up (literally years). I'll have to check out Byredo Pulp 🙂 You have some amazing favs!

  • lovely post! i like the Byredo Fragrance. 🙂

    I love your blog <3

    Josephin |

  • michelle

    I am intrigued by a few of these; I love floral/citrus/fresh scents. My most recent addition is the limited edition, D&G Light Blue Sunset in Salina–summer in a bottle to me but wish it had better staying power. Thus, I bought the giant bottle☺ I wear Joie, Folle de Joie a good bit, too. But my all time favorite is Narcisco Rodriguez, for her, eau de parfum intenses–musc collection. Divine♥ but again, doesn't have good lasting quality on the skin–but loves to linger on my clothing and I always get compliments! Sexy & yummy☺☺

    • Narcisco Rodriguez is a good one 🙂

  • These all sound lovely, and I've not really heard that much about any of them which is always refreshing! I will definitely have to go and look into a few of these further!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

    • Hope you find something new you love 🙂 I love discovering new scents.

  • I can not imagine life without perfumes…:)

    LENNY MALI .com

  • Anonymous

    I have always toyed with the idea of getting Beige and am still nursing a small sample. It's either Beige, 1932 or the Eau de Cologne. You have almost put me over the edge. I am also trying Hermes Le Jardin de Monsieur Li and some recent Jo Malone fragrances. Thanks for your round-up and scents.

    • It took me years to buy Beige. I used a deluxe sample little bits at a time. I also liked 1932 and Eau de Cologne. If you can get to a store that carries these or a Beauty Studio that carries these I highly recommend giving them a try. It takes me forever to decide to buy a fragrance lol.

  • Hi Sabrina-

    This may seem like a dumb question, but can I ask where you spritz your perfume? I've been told that you shouldn't rub your wrists together, but I find 4 spritzes (one behind each ear and one on each wrist) a bit strong. Any suggestions? I'm kind of a fragrance novice.:)

    • Hi Jess, I've heard that you shouldn't rub your wrists together either. I don't know of the right way to do it. I'm super sensitive to fragrance so 3 sprays max for me.

      I spritz once on each wrist and then once on either the chest area or above my head where a fine mist settles into the hair evenly. For me behind the ear is too close to my nose and is too strong lol. I'd recommend playing around with it to see what works for you 🙂

    • Thanks for the tips…I will definitely start playing around!:)

  • Hi Sabrina! Your photos are breathtakingly gorgeous as always! I've been debating to get Byredo Gypsy Water or La Tulipe for some time (I have a bottle of Mojave Ghost) but your review made me interested in L'Occitane Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc… I have to check it out in store this weekend 🙂 My go-to scents for this spring are Diptyque Eau Moheli and Jo Malone French Lime Blossom. Have you try them before? They are both airy, uplifting light floral scent and definitely scream SPRING!!!

    • Ooh, Byredo has so many good options I completely understand your debate! If I had to pick Byredo over L'Occitane, for fragrance hands down I'd go with the Byredo. The Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc comes in body products/hand creams which are very strong like the scent, so I would opt for the Iris Hand Cream instead of the Perfume version.

      Your Diptyque and Jo Malone picks are absolutely perfect!! I have had a small sample of Eau Moheli and the French Lime Blossom and love them but have never caved on the full size. They are definitely spring perfection in a bottle 🙂

  • michelle

    Hey, Sabrina! I was just on makeupalley & saw this post for Sephora/Hakuhodo brush collaboration and just had to share! You prob already know about it but just in case:
    I put it here as it was easier to send via the blog at the moment-obviously you don't need to post it here☺

    • Thank you so much for letting me know! I didn't see this at the LA show so thanks for pointing this out. Looks amazing!

  • OMG!!! Why I haven't tried these perfumes yet??? I think this is the signal. I got to try the Diptyque Florabellio Eau de Toilette first.

    • There are so many perfumes on the market! I am sometimes overwhelmed by the options lol.

  • silvita

    I adore Chanel Beige!! So hard to find in the hinterlands….the Iris from L'occitane didn't agree with me, somehow a little plastic comes through 🙁 Lovely post thank you!!

    • Chanel Beige is so good! I understand the L'Occitane might not be for everyone though 🙂

  • stephanee

    I love fragrance posts! I am known for 3, Lalique is my signature scent everyone knows me by that. Next is Frangipane by Chantecaille which you may like as it's light, and last is Mont Blanc which I promise does not smell like ink 🙂

  • This is not perfume related… How do you like the Front Roe book?