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Diptyque Benjoin and Cuir

January 6, 2015

Beauty Look Book readers know I’m a dedicated fan of Diptyque. So far I’ve loved every candle from the line that I’ve bought or received as a gift. There are some scents that are harder to find because they are either boutique or online exclusives. I have one of each to share with you, one hit and one miss.

Benjoin ($60 for 6.5 oz) is an online exclusive described as “somewhere between vanilla and caramel” with notes of patchouli and Indian cypriol. I had high hopes for this one expecting a well rounded sweet vanilla and caramel candle, something along the lines of Henri Bendel Vanilla Bean (my all time favorite vanilla candle).

When I opened the box I was a bit thrown by the smokey and woody notes that had a slight floral and powdery feel. The good thing about this candle is that it has a very good throw and fills up the room with the scent quickly. In the jar it does smell like a mix of caramel and vanilla, but in a synthetic way that has a plastic feel and the woody notes makes it turn a bit. Since this was an online exclusive, I ordered 2 and burned through an entire candle to test it and see if if would grow on me. My friends really like this one but for me this was a miss – mainly because I was expecting something sweeter and more rounded. I just started to burn my second one to see once again if I could grow to love it, for me all I smell is powder and smokey wood with a very slight hint of vanilla. I think it’s going to be re-gifted very soon.


Another one I’ve been testing is Cuir ($60 for 6.5 oz) which is a Diptyque Boutique exclusive. It is occasionally listed online but it always seems to be sold out (I’ve bought mine in stores). The description from Diptyque is “this candle evokes the scent of tanned leather with birch bark,
characteristic note of Cuir de Russie.” They say it is “perfect for an

For me this one has been pure love since the first time I smelled it in store. It does have a leather and birch bark feel but with a very clean feel. It has a freshness that almost reminds me of soap, although the candle isn’t really soapy – it’s hard for me to describe, but if you can visit one of the Diptyque stores, I highly recommend smelling it. It’s very unique and different from most candles. I bought it for my husband’s office, but ended up borrowing it (permanently) from him and have repurchased it twice.

If you haven’t been to a Diptyque store, I highly recommend you put it on your list for the new year. They are beautifully designed with exclusives you can’t find at other retailers. (They have the full range of large and small photophores which are beautiful, one featured here). See my coverage on South Coast Plaza, Maiden Lane and Larchmont.

Have you tried or bought any of the Diptyque online or store exclusives? What are your favorites? If you bought Benjoin online, what did you think?

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  • Cuir sounds like something that I'd like. Maybe I can find it.

    • I think it's worth tracking down πŸ™‚

  • Hey Sabrina, I'm so sorry to hear you don't like Benjoin at all! I bought it a while ago and I actually like it, but it's something I probably won't feel the need to repurchase. I think I'll try Vanille for my warm and fuzzy winter scent next time!

    • Hi Sunny! I know many who love it, for me it didn't hit the spot. Vanille is a good one, it's also very smokey.

  • Gail

    I bought Benjoin as well and found it very meh. Will have to see if I can track down Cuir. Are those new sunglasses I see?

    • Hi Gail, glad to know I'm not the only one. Cuir is lovely. The sunglasses are probably 6-7 years old, but it's nice to hear you think they look like they are still new!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful photos with these candles. They are so soothing to my eyes. I bought Benjoin when Diptyque had their wonderful pre-Christmas promotion on-line. Do they do that just once a year or more often? I quite like the soft scent. Is smells a bit like caramel and Christmas cookies to me – very nice for this season.

  • You can certainly regift that one to me as it sounds amazing. Honestly, they both sound perfect for my tastes.

  • I definitely need to invest in these. The only thing holding me back is my outrageous stock of Bath and Body Works candles.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sabrina, I'm with you on Benzoin. This is the only Diptyque fragrance candle that I cannot stand. It's just overly powdery and floral! It's so overpowering that I don't pick up the vanilla or caramel scents at all.

  • Kelly

    Have you smelled Le RedoutΓ©? I just bought it yesterday and it's amazing! I didn't enjoy Cuir – it reminded me of a woodshop.