NARS Dolce Vita Lip & Nail Set | Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusive

July 31, 2014

I picked up the NARS Dolce Vita Lip and Nail Set from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale a couple weeks ago. It retails for $52 for a Dolce Vita Lipstick, Lipgloss and Nail Lacquer (all full sized) cased in a chic black lacquered box. Online it says the set is a $66 value, but if I add up the individual items ($26 for the lipstick, $26 for the gloss and $20 for the nail polish) it totals $72. It’s basically like buying the lip items and getting the box and nail lacquer thrown in.

I’ve owned several tubes of Dolce Vita Lipstick and also owned the older version of the Dolce Vita Lipgloss – but this was many years ago. Dolce Vita is probably one of NARS’s most famous classic colors for lips. It’s a universally flattering rosy pink shade with a slight hint of brown. On my lips and complexion it’s always pulled quite a bit more rosy than it does on others.

I don’t have the original tube of lipstick to compare, but I do believe NARS has reformulated their lipsticks at least once since the 2000’s (which I first got into the line back in my early college days). Each time I’ve checked it out at the counters, the Dolce Vita seems to be a bit lighter and less brown than the original but since I don’t have old tubes, I can’t compare.

I’ve been testing this for several days and am pleased with my purchase. I was worried I would have meh feelings about it since the colors are repeats, but they are good classics that are both office-appropriate but not boring. On me the colors are neutral rosy shades that feel quite grown up. If you’re new to NARS this is a good entry set to the brand.

The lipstick is on the sheer side with a glossy sheen but still gives enough color to show up on the lips. The lipgloss is very pigmented and smooth without any detectable scent. The nail polish is in the older packaging (the cap doesn’t remove) and has a shorter brush which I find makes it super easy to apply smoothly without any issues. Two coats gives full coverage.

Do note that these swatch rosy on me, on you these will probably look more neutral. My lips tend to pick up a lot of pink and red tones. More photos and swatches:

Out of the three, my favorite item is the Dolce Vita Lip Gloss (which you can purchase individually), but I’m also smitten with the black lacquered box. I wish I could find larger ones for my desk to put stationary and photos in. Bottom line the set has timeless classics – you really can’t go wrong with them.

The NARS Dolce Vita Lip & Nail Set is exclusive to the Nordstrom for the Anniversary Sale in the US (ends August 3rd). You can also find it at in the UK at Selfridges.

Did you pick up any of the NARS items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year? I was hoping for another 6 pan palette like they’ve had in past years but perhaps they will release some in the winter.

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  • Dolce Vita is one of those timeless classics that has been on my favorites list seemingly forever. It just never goes out of style. This is actually the only cosmetic set I purchased during the pre-sale although I'll wait for cooler weather before wearing any of it. The color looks beautiful on you, Sabrina. Luscious yet understated.

  • I'm tempted to get it πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • This is the type of lipstick colour I always gravitate towards, even though I already own too many similar shades. This is such a stunning collection and Dolce Vita is definitely a shade I need to look into more.


  • This is perfect. The colour is so wonderful, and goes with any kind of outfit! Love it.
    Lots of love, xx


  • I really like the colour. Definitely office appropriate and very feminine.


  • Anonymous

    Love the way this looks on you!! It's more brown on me.

  • Beautiful shade – that lipstick is stunning!
    Philippa // Time For Teal

  • Brilliant post:) I've never tried the NARS Dolce Vita surprisingly, as I own quite a few other shades. However from seeing it here I kind of want too as I have been looking for a rose coloured nude for a while. Btw, the quality of your photographs seriously puts mine to shame haha:)


  • Hi Sabrina,

    NARS Dolce Vita looks amazing on you!! It becomes a darker more mauvey shade on me — I tend to wear it only in fall πŸ™‚

  • All 3 items look great on you. I first saw this Nars set in your Nordstrom anniversary beauty exclusive "my picks" post. I was really surprised to see the Mecca store in Sydney, Australia had it for sale this Monday. I am very happy with my purchase.

  • This "Dolce vita" set is AWESOME!! I want it right now… please. πŸ˜€

    I love love love this colour and all three products are exact the same colour. Heaven in a lipstick/ lipgloss/ nail polish for me.
    I hope I can get my hands on it soon here in Germany…

    Thanks for the nice post .