Chanel Dentelle Précieuse Illuminating Face Powder – Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusive

July 14, 2014
This year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusive for Chanel is the stunning Dentelle Précieuse Illuminating Face Powder ($80 for 6 g/0.21 oz, made in Italy, limited-edition). It comes with an exquisite embossed lace detail. The powder is a gorgeous mix of beige, rose, and champagne. On the skin it has the prettiest beige glow with a hints of pink, champagne and bronze mixed in. At a glance it seems like it’s just another pretty beige highlighter with an expensive price tag. While you can get a similar effect with other illuminating powders, I do believe the mix of shimmers in Dentelle Précieuse gives it a truly amazing effect on the face. It gives the perfect glow from within that isn’t too subtle and isn’t too frosty. The mix of pink and bronze in the powder give the face a bit of color so it’s not just your standard beige frost.
It comes with a black soft pouch that holds both the powder compact and a small angled brush:
On the nails, Chanel Tapage

The color is difficult to capture in swatches but I found the photos on Color Me Loud and Indigo Kir Royale both demonstrate it’s complexity with swatches using different pressures in application. It also shows how it gives more color to fair skintones, while it acts as a highlighter for medium to darker skin. Here are a few photos at different angles to show how the light reflects on the shimmer. On my medium/olive Chanel B30 skin this is clearly a highlighter.

Here are a few comparisons to other highlighters, I have two sets to show you. On screen the effect is very similar between highlighters so I’ll share my thoughts on the differences.

Set one with Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Edward Bess and Burberry illuminating powders:

  • Chanel Mouche de Beaute (discontinued) has a more gel-like texture with a transparent quality, it has a lot more glitz and sparkle giving it a paler look since the shimmers are more on the silvery side
  • Chanel Pearl Glow Powder (discontinued) has a more matte base, it’s also more powdery and has more yellow with gold shimmers
  • Bobbi Brown Beige Shimmer Brick ($42) is significantly more frosted, the pale champagne shimmers give it a paler finish
  • Edward Bess South of France ($45) is a quad with soft pinks and pearls, it has a softer finish with less shimmer, it’s also more pink in tone
  • Burberry Golden Radiance ($48) has a lot more frost to it, it’s also darker with more taupe/tan/gold tones
Set two includes some from MAC, Hourglass and Estee Lauder:
  • MAC Shimpagne Mineralize Skinfinish (discontinued) has a high frost finish with pink/champagne tones, below you can see it pulls more pink
  • MAC Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish (original) has a paler beige shimmer, it’s less complex compared to the Chanel Dentelle Precieuse
  • Hourglass Luminous Light is one of my favorite highlighters, it pulls more pink and a bit more shimmer on the skin, on me it’s more champagne vs beige
  • Hourglass Radiant Light is more golden compared to the Chanel, the hourglass also has a less complex finish and mix of shimmers
  • Estee Lauder Modern Mercury (discontinued) is significantly more pink with a metallic finish
I didn’t want to fall in love with an $80 powder but Chanel has created the perfect beige highlighter. On my olive skin many neutral highlighters tend to pull pink or almost white with the silvery shimmers they have. The Chanel Dentelle Precieuse has a stunning mix of bronze, peach, and rose that gives this more color giving a lively glow to the face. It’s still manages to be a true soft beige highlighter without going into the gold/tan zone. It’s pure love for me and I even bought one backup.

Various countries received the Chanel Dentelle Précieuse Illuminating Face Powder highlighter earlier in the year at certain retailers. In the US it is an exclusive to Nordstrom for this year’s Anniversary Sale (available now). On me it’s a stunning beige highlighting powder with a bit of color. If you search for other reviews you may find it looks almost bronzey on fairer skintones. It’s a splurge, but in my mind worth every penny. I love it and think it’s a definite must for Chanel lovers. It is limited-edition so if you’re interested I suggest acting sooner than later.

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  • I never realized the subtle differences of highlight shades until your swatch! Thanks so much! It is life changing 😛 Just followed you on twitter and pinterest <3

    • Thank you for following! Yes it looks different on every skintone. I noticed on fair skinned beauty lovers it looks more bronzey/peachy. On medium/tan and darker it's more of a glowy highlight.

  • Oh wow that is a beautiful highlighting powder, and the shimmers are so fine. It totally screams Chanel. The print on the powder itself is enough to buy it.

  • Oh no, Sabrina! This is definitely NOT the post I wanted to see today.
    Chanel really created the most incredible looking product (that lace!), but it looks beautiful on your skin, too. This will take super-human strength to resist.

  • ame

    OH man, gorgeous.

  • This one must be the most beautiful highlight I have own (and seen). It is really very hard to capture the real beauty and the true shade with the camera, thanks very much for the link love. I can also see why you purchased a back-up, you can use one of them and keep the other for watching. On your complexion it gives such a natural sheen, on me I find it a little dark to be a highlighter. I expect to use it more once I get a little color this summer.

    • It does look darker on you 🙂 I noticed after googling it and it looks more peachy/bronze on fairer skintones. I'm getting more tan now that it's summer and it's the perfect highlight.

  • simply beautiful

  • This highlighter is truly beautiful *must resist temptation*

  • This highlighter is so beautiful! The shade is a such a gorgeous colour & the packing is amazing. I need this in my life.

    Little Babe

  • Oh God I can't handle all that <3 so gorge and fancy


  • This is a collector peace !
    Need to buy 2x, one for use and 1 for collect.
    It's heart breaking to use it !


  • Anonymous

    Hi Sabrina! Thanks for the swatches!! I am new here but have been following your posts everyday =)
    Wanted to ask you how is this compared to the bronzer in Tom Ford eye and cheek compact summer 14? They appear similar to ne…thanks in advance!

  • I wasn't really sure I needed this because during the summer I like to use Clé de Peau's Luminizing Face Enhancer in #13, but when the Chanel MA swept it over my cheeks, I was a goner :-). On my NC15 complexion it does add a bit of color and so like Sara, it doesn't really work as a highlighter for me. It just adds a natural luminance and bit of warmth to my cheeks and blends in seamlessly with my blusher.

    Hi Anonymous,

    I have the TF Unabashed palette and can say that the shimmery bronzer in that palette is nothing like Chanel's Dentelle Précieuse. Whereas TF's is more of a traditional bronzer color warmed up with a generous dusting of gold shimmer, Chanel's highlighter is is a lighter, warm rose beige and is more subtle. They create entirely different looks.

    • Thank you Eileen for your input on the TF bronzer vs Chanel! Anonymous, I agree with Eileen's assessment.

      I need to check out the Cle de Peau enhancers, I keep reading raves and it sounds so incredible.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much Eileen and Sabrina! That really helps me! I have the Unabashed and didn't want to purchase something similar…Just ordered mine on Nordstrom!


  • That powder is gorgeous, but the $80 price tag is out of my budget right now, LOL.

  • I guess I need to head to Nordstrom! Great pictures as always, thanks for the review!

  • Catherine

    I really regret not buying this in April when it was released here (UK). I had the opportunity and decided it was too expensive, at the time. Now that I can afford it, it's gone gone gone.

  • Jen

    I wonder how this compares to Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder?? Does anyone know?

  • I wonder how this compares to Armani Belladonna. I looked all over the net and nothing compares the two. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    when will Chanel bring it back ??? :{